Breast Cancer? Me? Really?

Remember my fiasco with “the doctor with bad bedside manner”?...more

Say It Ain't So

It seems the era of technology is upon us....more

Whatever happened to bedside manners?

We all want a doctor that we can trust. Someone with a good beside manner who sees you as a person rather than just a patient....more

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I applaud your ...more

Calling all women over 40

Fabulously40 was created for every woman 40 and beyond, who is ready to celebrate this exciting stage of her life. Relationships with families, friends and even ourselves are undergoing profound change, and it seems like the time is right for something new. ...more

Women Over 40?

Hi, my name is Yana Berlin and I'm a founder of a website for women forty and beyond. Would love to meet, brainstorm and share information on how to provide cutting edge technology with a social networking capability for women to interact and support each other. If you would like to contribute blogs, ideas, articles, email me at Thank you ...more

Great Hair After 40

Great Hair After 40 Being blessed with great hair has tainted my memory of ever having bad hair days, or ever recalling loosing hair. For many of us great hair days can be a huge confidence boost. Let’s face it, when the hair is in tact it saves us time and makes us look sassy. Yes, we have all heard by now that we naturally loose hair as we age, yet this is something I am not ready to embrace. ...more

My Sagging Breasts Are NOT Sagging.

Instead of the usual “good morning” my husband hears every day, the first thing out of my mouth was, “Honey, don’t you think I should get a breast lift?” ...more

Is Botox Really Safe?

According to a new scientific study from Europe,the anti-wrinkle treatment of Botox may migrate from the skin to your brain… With so many women all over the world using Botox on regular basis, I think we should all be aware of the potential consequences. Are we really willing to take a chance with side effects directly to our brain and the nerves? What do you think? ...more

I've thought of botox. I never read this report until now. I will need to stick with a more ...more


Hi Everyone, Hope to get to know lots of you. Yana Berlin is founder of, a website for women in their prime who want to explore all their talents and possibilities. S ...more