Five Truths about Pores

Large pores are undesirable because they make your skin look coarse. What's even more undesirable about them is the fact that they are very difficult to shrink. Think about it this way. If you've over-stretched an elastic band, it is going to be very difficult, almost impossible, to make it revert to its normal shape and elasticity, right? The best method to keep your pores small is to prevent them from enlarging. Here's a list of factors that contribute to enlarged pores. Prevent them from occurring and you'll enjoy fine skin even into middle-age. ...more

Sweet Deals for the Skin

Honey is a natural food product. It contains natural sugars and does not need to be digested to be absorbed into the body. It is healthy and nutritious, and also renowned for its value in skin nourishment. Here are some hassle-free methods on how you can put these beautifying values of honey to good use! ...more

Cucumber Porridge for good health and beauty

Recently, my digestion hasn't been good, so I've been on a porridge diet. ...more

Get your money's worth!

Ever wonder why, despite religious usage, your skin is looking no where as good as promised by the celebrity who endorses your skincare products? ...more

Fruits and Beauty

Fruits are highly nourishing for skin especially since its rich in Vitamin Cs and healthy (well maybe with the exception of durians). That's why I always try to drink fruit juices instead of caffeine products like coffee and tea! Different fruits contain different nutrition levels and are hence more adept at serving different purposes. For optimal beauty results, choose the one that serves yours! In the following, I've listed ingredients needed to make each type of fruit juice. Just remove their skins, cube them and put them into the juicer! ...more

A Veg A Day Keeps the Skin Doc Away

Everyone wants smooth, tender skin, but sometimes our body just won't comply with our wishes. With poor lifestyle habits, it's not uncommon for skin to have uneven pigmentation or look pale and dull. It must be emphasized again that using good facial products and treatments help to improve and maintain skin quality on the surface, but if your health is poor, the problems are just going to keep returning. The most effective way to improve your skin condition without compromising too much of your regular lifestyle is through eating more vegetables! ...more

Foam your face good!

What does face care have in common with foam, other than the first letter in their spelling? ...more

Beauty Tips for Late Nighters

Most people make light of staying up late, thinking that whatever damages that are caused can be slept away by the next night. If only this were true! Staying up late inflicts long-lasting damage to your overall well-being, including your skin. What's more, burning the midnight oil has become routine for most people, myself included, so there's no 'replenishing of sleep' to speak of. The list of negative impacts accompanying late nights is endless, but I'm not here to condemn late nights, so on with the tips! ...more