Day 11. The Max Phase

Day 11.  I have to tell you that your prayers were answered!!!  I had asked on Tuesday night that you pray for God to help me through the last 2 weeks of my current job as it had been a little “icy” since turning in my notice.  Miraculously, on Wednesday afternoon, my boss hugged me and told me he was going to miss me; that he would never want to hinder me from doing better for myself, but that he was sad to lose me.  WOW!!!  That my friend is a MIRACLE!  I’m so thankful because I didn’t want to leave after 3+ years with him angry; it would have been like my ti...more

Day 9. I’ve lost 5.4 pounds!!!

Day 9.  I’ve lost 5.4 pounds!!!  Yay!!  You know how we women have 2-3 sizes in our closet for our “fat days”.  Well, I’m finally at the smaller sized end of my closet!  LOL This time I think I’m going to throw those bigger sizes away.  Don’t you think I should?? ...more

Day 8. Wow, time flies when you're having fun!!

Day 8.  Wow, time sure flies when you’re having fun!!  We so enjoyed having the “in-laws” this past week.  As a mother of sons there’s a little fear when you hear “Mom, I’m so in love!!” because you know that you’ve got to eventually meet the family!!!  I finally told my youngest, who was always falling in love, that I was not meeting another extended family until the engagement party!!  Thankfully the next “love of his life” actually became his “forever” and her family is wonderful!!!  My husband and I could actually take vacation with them, even without the k...more

Day 4. Fun with the Family.

Day 4.  Fun times with the family :-).Today my daughter-in-laws dear family from Ohio came to visit.  We’re so happy to see them!!! ...more

Day 3. I'm down 1 whole pound!!

Day 3.  I’m down 1 whole pound!!!  Can you believe it!  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but someone said to me today to picture a pound of ground beef…wow, pretty awesome :-).  Also, I can now drink LESS water!  LOLToday was really busy, so unfortunately I didn’t have time to cook. I did however find this great sounding recipe on Pinterest that I’m sure I’ll make sometime in the near future.  It’s called hummus-crusted chicken.  Check it out; sounds yummy!...more

Day 2 and I've not given up yet!

Day 2.  So far so good!!  Thanks to everyone who read my blog and posted such encouraging comments on Facebook!!...more

Help! I need some accountability.