It's All Selfish {Down the Rabbit Hole}

One thing I am so tired of seeing lately is about how selfish it was for Robin Williams to commit suicide....more

Blogging It

Blogging it, like killing it, but bloggy style....more

Simple Frozen Treat: Bananas!

My ridiculous simple frozen treat for the kids is so easy to make. I got the idea from a Nick Jr short. ...more

Down the Rabbit Hole: Beginning

I started Down the Rabbit Hole when I was blogging at Living a Faerie Tale and started my mental health journey with a PPD diagnosis....more

Support a Warrior for St. Jude's

What the heck is the Warrior Dash? ...more

On Being Plus Size

So Rebecca Hains posted on her blog about plus size clothing about how it costs more to buy than normal sized clothing. She asked us, her readers, what we thought about it, if it's right. She even talked to someone in the field of clothing design about what goes into the process. Basically she states that what we plus sized women are paying for isn't more fabric like most people think....more

In My Purse {Day 9}

In My Purse {Day 9} So today I'm suppose to show you what is in my purse. It's a lot. ...more

Best Trip Ever

Best Trip Ever!  My best trip ever? Finally taking my mermaid girl Ariel to the beach, and bonus we did when I had AJ too. ...more

Undine #MermaidMonday

Undine #MermaidMonday ...more

Food YUM Day 11

Foods YUM! Day 11 Let's see 10 of my favorite foods: StrawberriesChocolateApplesMac & CheeseBlueberry MuffinsBrowniesSugar CookiesBlueberriesPineappleHoneydew Melon ...more