Cloves: Alchemical Prescription #1

 As the season shifts and the leaves turn gold, the Faery Queen shares an alchemical prescription from her cupboard to keep our hearts warm despite the autumn chill. Introducing clove medicine—A warm, ember-glowing energy that can open & burn away the old cobwebs that ensnare the heart—releasing the emotional cage that is masking your main magical power source!Clove Magical Property: HEART POWER—Comfort & Warmth...more

Holographic Movies—Faery Vision part 2!

In the Great Oak’s knotty hole, which I have come to call The Faery Queen’s Cupboard, a weekly gift awaits for those who wish to apprentice under the Tribes of Faery.While at times the treasure is a physical object, very often it is protected with a veil, so that only those who have successfully navigated the beginning stages will be able to tap in with Faery Vision or another subtle inner sense....more

The Gift of Sight—Faery Vision!

While sitting in the forest, the Faery Queen bestows a gift to us—spectacles! Now, some of us may not have the best eyesight, but seeing that these glasses are made of twigs, buds, and sprouting young tendrils, I would imagine these are not something to take to the eye doctor....more