That Look

This girl. I can’t pinpoint what it is about this photo that brings me such joy. Is it just seeing the tiny knit hat which covered the head of every child we brought home from the hospital? ...more

On The Charleston Shooting…

I wasn’t going to write anything because I worried words would fail, but I think keeping silent is worse. Google Maps image of Mother Emanuel AME Church I am appalled and devastated that our country is so steeped in racial violence. It’s a sickness, and we aren’t getting better ....more

Goodbye Books. Hello KonMari.

We KonMari-ed all our clothing...more

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

My last photo of Loki Tonight, I had to put Loki to sleep. He has been in my life since he was 12-weeks-old and I was 21-years-old. I was fresh out of college and found Loki...more

Irreverent Reviews: High Mowing Organic Seeds In My Homemade Greenhouse (sponsored)

It’s that time of year again! Oh wait, it’s almost past that time of year for gardening but as an avid gardener with way too much confidence, I plant seeds whenever I want. Well, only after my kidney stones stop trying to kill me ....more

The Hidden Treasures In School Work

You’d think with all my organizing, I would be frustrated with the end of the school year...more

KonMari-ing To The Next Level

Once we accomplished KonMari on...more

We Are KonMari-ing

As some of you have gathered, we are using the KonMari Method of decluttering, which comes from the book:...more

The Glass Is Half-Full Of Delicious Snow Cones

The last three or four weeks have been tough — between the days and days of kidney stone pain and the surgery not being successful then my Nana passed away. Although I’ve had a hard time and cried a lot since Nana died, I’ve never felt like my life was bad or somebody was out to get me or anything like that. I even said I was thankful the kidney stones came the day after my daughter’s birthday party and grateful I was recovered enough from my surgery to spend Nana’s last good day with her before she passed ....more

Nana: A Goodbye To A Good Life

My Nana passed away last week. She was a light in my life, and I miss her terribly. I wrote this for her funeral, and since she harassed me more than most about not writing regularly on my blog, I am posting it here as well ....more