RV Trip Part 2: Ohio

Read here for RV Trip Part 1: West Virginia Ohio (the first time around) We actually went through Ohio twice — going and coming back — and I was going to lump it all together so there wouldn’t be 10,000 parts to this trip. But then I realized that there is no way I’m going to fit all of South Dakota in one post (seriously, that state has got it going on) so forget it. We’ll do the parts by state and in chronological order ....more

Shark Week Ends Everywhere But Here

While perusing our Ranger Rick, Jr. shark feature: Me: Once, when I was snorkeling in Belize, I saw a Nurse Shark in the water with me. And even though I knew they don’t attack humans, when it turned to me and our eyes met, I freaked out and swam away ....more

Are You Paying Attention To #Ferguson?

If you don’t know what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri, this link has a thorough...more

RV Trip Part 1: West Virginia

The first day of our 5000 miles RV trip went much slower than we expected. Not the driving part but the prepping — although I did enjoy driving our RV to the local suburban grocery store to stock up. Luckily, we had chosen a place only 3-4 hours away: New River Gorge, West Virginia ....more

Ol’ Ugly Eyes

When my son was about 2 years old, my husband and I took him grocery shopping because with two adults we could just barely survive the horrors of bright red car carts and ALL THE MARSHMALLOWS MUST BE OURS. (the last one was mostly me) In the midst of the sweating and chaos, a middle-aged woman walks up to our...more

I’m Back!

I’m back after taking most of the summer off of writing. I wish I had some sort of interesting reason for my absence. I tried! ...more

WTH World, Why Are You So Weird (Edition C)

Random odd things that can only mean I’m weird, and I’d like your to accept it. Goodreads just let me know that I’ve read...more

Edgar Allan Poe As A Children’s Book (Plus A Giveaway)

A local Richmond author and friend of a friend took an Edgar Allan Poe work and made into a children’s book. Ricky’s Spooky House There will be a subset of people who read that first sentence and say YAY! without a flinch ....more

Goodbye Forever Preschool

My daughter graduates from preschool this week. I have mixed feelings on the subject mostly because I watched a video that made me WANT A BABY RIGHT NOW. But this is our last preschool go around as far as I know and it makes graduation just a little bittersweet ....more

Thank You Maya Angelou (PS. Do I Tell My 7-Year-Old?)

I shared in the world’s mourning of the inspiring and forever-missed Maya Angelou mostly by listening. As famous people, who have impacted our lives, pass away, Scott and I will discuss it, but I have never had to tell...more