The Star On The Tree Doesn’t Go As Planned. Welcome To The Holidays.

My daughter woke up the day after Thanksgiving and took down every turkey-related decoration down because CHRISTMAS. And the biggest decoration on her mind was the star at the top of the tree. After multiple hours of getting our tree from the lot to the house to the...more

Harry Potter Solves Our Halloween Problems

Halloween debates went down to the wire with an especially big struggle for my daughter: “I want to be a cat, AND I want to be Hermione.” Conveniently, we are reading the Harry Potter series with the kids, and I pointed out when Hermione mistakenly put a cat hair instead of a human hair in her polyjuice potion, she became a cat. Problem solved! Creating Hermione hair or as my sister said: It’s Promoween! ...more

A Family Photo Session Done Right

About a month ago, we had the pleasure of a family photo shoot with Libby Selle Photography. Libby moved back to Richmond from Alaska and reached out to me after reading about in Richmond Family Magazine. I was both excited and overwhelmed because we wanted to pick a Richmond place that has meaning to our family and all the playgrounds around town are busy in late September ....more

Don’t Fall!

On Saturday, Scott went over the edge. That’s not a metaphor. Every year Special Olympics in Virginia hosts a fundraiser where volunteers rappel down the side of the SunTrust building in downtown Richmond ....more

RV Trip Part 3: Indiana

Read here for RV Trip Part 1: West Virginia and RV Trip Part 2: Ohio Indiana! Where kids are treated like they actually know things. The first thing we did after arriving in Indiana was a resounding round of mini-golf at the Richmond KOA ....more

Assisted Living! For Cats!

Within a few weeks of moving to our new house, we realized...more

Top Ten Reasons

Top Ten Reasons I wanted to see if I could count. My ideas are 10 times better than yours. I couldn’t think of something to write ....more

An Angry Bird, Mini Golf, Birthday Party Is The Best Once Your Son Says So

My son requested a mini golf birthday party after setting the all-time-fastest mini golf game in the history of our local course. “Are you sure?” I questioned as I picture 12 kids wielding clubs and tilting...more

After 12 Years, He Still Makes Me Laugh The Most

Scott and I hung out yesterday so I spent most of the day laughing: While regaling me with tales of his week: I’m the wildest conformer you know! (I love standing up to people in my head, too.) After meeting a very nice friend, Scott turns to me and says: He’s so genuine, right? Naturally, I’m suspicious of him ....more

Sexual Assault and Alcohol: Stop Focusing On The Victim’s Drinking

Recently, the link between alcohol and sexual assault has received...more