Irreverent Reviews: Homemade Ice Cream Is As Easy As Rolling A Ball (sponsored)

Thanks to my partnership with Stonyfield Organic, we made ice cream with Yay Lab’s...more

KonMari Cannot Convince Kids To Get Rid Of Books (Parenting Win?)

We are still KonMari-ing, but we have entered...more

We Have No Idea If French Kids Have Lower ADHD Rates And Other Reasons Not To Compare Parenting To Other Countries

Every few months? years? articles pop up in my newsfeed about how French children have lower rates of ADHD because they’re so French in France ....more

My Spirit Pokemon

My 6 year old: Mom, you remind me of this Pokemon: Delphox is awesome! She also told me that this one...more

Lazy People Rule The World

I believe in cutting corners if it means I have more time to do nothing. Large hat? Too lazy to sunscreen my face ....more

Sisters! The Carolinas! Writing Elsewhere! Exclamation Points!

My sister complained that I wasn’t linking to my other articles so I’m fixing this immediately after posting adorable photos of us. Swinging Little Katie We are still this happy to see each other. We RV’ed down to visit Katie and her husband and had so much fun with them...more

That Look

This girl. I can’t pinpoint what it is about this photo that brings me such joy. Is it just seeing the tiny knit hat which covered the head of every child we brought home from the hospital? ...more

On The Charleston Shooting…

I wasn’t going to write anything because I worried words would fail, but I think keeping silent is worse. Google Maps image of Mother Emanuel AME Church I am appalled and devastated that our country is so steeped in racial violence. It’s a sickness, and we aren’t getting better ....more

Goodbye Books. Hello KonMari.

We KonMari-ed all our clothing...more

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

My last photo of Loki Tonight, I had to put Loki to sleep. He has been in my life since he was 12-weeks-old and I was 21-years-old. I was fresh out of college and found Loki...more