RV Trip Part 3: Indiana

Read here for RV Trip Part 1: West Virginia and RV Trip Part 2: Ohio Indiana! Where kids are treated like they actually know things. The first thing we did after arriving in Indiana was a resounding round of mini-golf at the Richmond KOA ....more

Assisted Living! For Cats!

Within a few weeks of moving to our new house, we realized...more

Top Ten Reasons

Top Ten Reasons I wanted to see if I could count. My ideas are 10 times better than yours. I couldn’t think of something to write ....more

An Angry Bird, Mini Golf, Birthday Party Is The Best Once Your Son Says So

My son requested a mini golf birthday party after setting the all-time-fastest mini golf game in the history of our local course. “Are you sure?” I questioned as I picture 12 kids wielding clubs and tilting...more

After 12 Years, He Still Makes Me Laugh The Most

Scott and I hung out yesterday so I spent most of the day laughing: While regaling me with tales of his week: I’m the wildest conformer you know! (I love standing up to people in my head, too.) After meeting a very nice friend, Scott turns to me and says: He’s so genuine, right? Naturally, I’m suspicious of him ....more

Sexual Assault and Alcohol: Stop Focusing On The Victim’s Drinking

Recently, the link between alcohol and sexual assault has received...more

Back To School, Back To Kitten Folders

Well, back to school (back-to-school?) has kicked my butt off the Internet for longer than I expected. I did snap a photo of my son’s school supplies that made me very happy and not just because I get a little buzz when I see 10 colors of highlighters. Kittens, Football, Fast Cars, and Puppies! ...more

RV Trip Part 2: Ohio

Read here for RV Trip Part 1: West Virginia Ohio (the first time around) We actually went through Ohio twice — going and coming back — and I was going to lump it all together so there wouldn’t be 10,000 parts to this trip. But then I realized that there is no way I’m going to fit all of South Dakota in one post (seriously, that state has got it going on) so forget it. We’ll do the parts by state and in chronological order ....more

Shark Week Ends Everywhere But Here

While perusing our Ranger Rick, Jr. shark feature: Me: Once, when I was snorkeling in Belize, I saw a Nurse Shark in the water with me. And even though I knew they don’t attack humans, when it turned to me and our eyes met, I freaked out and swam away ....more

Are You Paying Attention To #Ferguson?

If you don’t know what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri, this link has a thorough...more