Pants to Poverty!!!

This week on the blog, we’re featuring Pants to Poverty, an award winning Fairtrade and Organic fashion brand started nine years ago as part of the global ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign....more

Bolivian Papas a la Huancaina (potatoes with a spicy fairtrade nut sauce)

Papas a la Huancaina is a hugely popular dish in Peru and in Bolivia. The original dish is from Peru, but it’s quite different from this recipe, which is closer to the Bolivian version....more

Raspberry and Amaretto Tiramisu to celebrate World Coffee Day

World Coffee Day is celebrated around the world on the 29th of September and is used as great excuse for everyone in the industry to promote Fair Trade coffee and to raise awareness of the plight of coffee growers around the world, a plight that has been particularly hard for the millions of growers in Central and South America who have been affected by La Roya, a coffee fungus that has devastated thousands of farms and families and caused an economic damage of over one billion pounds since it hit in 2012....more

Local and Seasonal Fig Delight

The trend to eat local and seasonal produce is so popular in the UK nowadays that it’s almost at risk of tiring the ethical consumer and becoming a bit like one of those fad diets. However, it is useful to go back to basics and remember why it makes so much sense to incorporate it in your daily shopping plans and choices....more

Ramazan Pide - Turkish Bread

Since our holiday in Greece early this summer our taste buds seem to be craving middle eastern food all the time! It just seems to be all about good quality ingredients taken to another level with the addition of heady spice combinations and wonderfully surprising textures and sweet and savoury pairings.  Many of the dishes we are playing with also cross the seasons and work fantastically in the summer, when you want a light salad or a Mezze platter to share with friends, or on a decadent and cosy  evening in for two....more

Artisans in the Andes: A leap into the unknown

One of the most rewarding parts of blogging is meeting amazing and inspirational individuals and companies on-line that are proof that, contrary to what the news would have us believe, not all in the world is bad... not all of us are out there to exploit our planet’s resources and disadvantaged people for our own selfish profit... but instead that there of so many people out there who are choosing every day to make their lives ‘meaningful’ and courageously live by their values, work for others and put their energy and passion into building a better world....more

Venison Carpaccio and Smoked Salmon Grazing Platters

Grazing is our favourite eating style. Friday and Saturday nights are when we make a special effort to prepare something delicious that we can take our time enjoying whilst catching up and winding down from the week.We often go for some version of tapas on the Friday night (in celebration of the weekend!) with cured hams, sizzling garlic prawns and a good bottle of red wine. Recently we have mixed things up a bit by replacing the hams for carpaccios (Italian name for a dish of raw meat very thinly sliced) and the prawns for smoked salmon....more

Bolivian Cuñapés

Cuñapés are a kind of cheesy bread snack that is very popular across South America. Varieties exist in Brazil (known as pão de queijo), Argentina (chipa or pan que queso), Ecuador (pan de yuca) and even in Colombia (pan de bono).Of course they all vary slightly, but what they all have in common is that they are made of Yam (or Cassava) flour and fresh cheese – which makes them incredibly chewy and moist in the middle....more

Foraged Blackberry Recipes

Last weekend we spent an afternoon foraging wild blackberries. The English countryside is so bountiful this time of the year that it seems wasteful not to go out there and ‘help yourself’ to its generous offerings....more
We have so many goodies here in Ontario.  Enjoy foraging.  Adds a new dimension to eating :)more

Fairtrade walnut and blueberry cinnamon rolls

Most of my family lives in the US and I have spent quite a few happy vacations there. I have many amazing US-based food memories, but one of my most wholesome ones is tightly linked to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls....more