Christmas Card 2014

Click HERE for Cards of Christmases Past ...more


This story will be forgotten if I don't write it down... and it cannot be forgotten.My Grandma June passed away last month. ...more

medusa. aunt flo. pms.

I'm talking about menstrual cycles, so if you're a man, you've been warned. (but don't stop reading cause I am interested in what you have to say!) PMS screws with my emotions big time. ...more

sunday blues

I am in bed. ...more

weekend bliss-urd

i'm in the middle of at least 7 different blog posts, but all of them are still a work in progress.. ...more

because I'm happy (clap along)

I posted this picture last night and it reminded me of an article I read a while ago... after reading it, it made me grateful for all of the supportive, fun friends I've had throughout my life. ...more

Things I love about him

• when he gets home from work, he takes the girls upstairs with him to change out of his dress clothes. He calls them his "changing partners" and they eat it up! sometimes I don't even realize the baby's gone until there's no sound coming from her high chair ....more

halloween 2014

Before we moved we got rid of every single halloween thing we owned. ...more

kids update

These are a few of the silly outtakes Krista took during our photo session at home. ...more