Letters from Griffin – You and only You

Well, I’ve made up my mind, I’m moving to Seattle this month sometime. I’m going to stay with my Aunt and go to school. I’ll need to go over a couple of weeks before school starts so I can find a job. My Gram and I got drunk and discussed the whole thing. I’m actually looking forward to it. It’ll give me a broader view of whats real and what’s false. I’m really concentrating on ‘getting my act together’ in school, although I still believe, and I will always believe, that school is my nemesis....more

Letters Home – My Poor Host Parents are Going Through Shock

Posted by fallingdownunder on July 14, 2013 I just got home from my trip, seconds ago – I haven’t even had a chance to go to the toilet yet! I got home to six letters and two big boxes that I haven’t even opened yet! I‘ve only read half of your letter and I already have to respond! But first – I received a nice letter from Grama with fifty dollars spending money! I’ll keep writing her!...more

July 11th 1993 – The Topic of Every Age and Generation – SEX!

I’m on an airplane at the moment! And the sun is about to set! Cool! Yesterday evening was way excellent! I took a nap before chow time and I had the most crazy dream!! There was a huge metal yellow dinosaur. It was ravishing a school and you could see the smoke rising up from the town below! I knew it was a trick or a joke but no one in the school did and they were freaking out! Then the dream switches – all of the crew who are with this reef trip were in a big building hanging out doing various things, like reading and paying cards etc....more

July 6th 1993 – The Giant Clam Farm

My Dream: Me and Ethan were walking around a city hanging out. At one point he left, and when I found him I grabbed his collar and told him, “you’ve screwed me over twice now – never do it again!” And I screamed this! Then we went and checked out these huge markets! When I was checking out this one stand, I grabbed this shirt that was woven and pretty see through. I tried it on. Then I went back and found Ethan leaving my clothes at the stall. When I found Ethan, he was in the yard of a huge mansion talking to Andrew McCarthy....more

May 21st 1993 – Adventures in Dream Land

Here I am again at 10:30am to write about last night adventures in dream land. Well, there was a party! I got really drunk and I didn’t remember most of it, but I do remember that houses. At least on the outside, they were terrace houses and they were virtually identical. Other than their color, just a fraction of a shade different! But I noticed it and kept staring at the line where the two houses met. Examining it, and looking at the two houses and finding every difference I could....more

May 11th 1993 – You are a Drunk, Druggie, Fat, Slut, Flunky, Bitch

Sometimes I really can’t believe what happens. I’ve realized through this experience and other past experienced things – that you absolutely never do you know what is going to happen. This morning Mary arrived at my house at 7:00 just like she said she would, thank God, and that’s when my adventure began. When Mary got there no one was awake. That made it even worse. So I tried to wake Emiri. Yeah right. That went over well....more

Letters From Griffin – Dearest Desirable

Dearest Desirable, I see you and me together. That image spins me around in my mind day and night. Forget the distance, we should always be together! I need you as the light in my life. I’ll gobble you up! I’m gonna suck on every tiny inch of your body. You just wait till I get a hold of you! I’m gonna reach inside like a spy… My little love goddess, if I should go insane before you return, I’ll send you my sanity in a tiny bot made from the layers of my heart....more
Please excuse my late reply!  You have no idea how hard it is to fit blog into my life! :)  I ...more

Letters Home - May 2nd 1993

Mom, My God, I just came to a weird realization.  Something just clicked!  Remember when you used to tell me that I was really mean and nasty at home but to everyone else I was really nice and cheerful?  Well, check this out!  Emiri is a person who (especially lately) will literally stomp around the house and slam doors  and act perfectly miserable and cranky and like she is just mean and nasty....more

May 1st 1993 – Pillow Fight

Last night after I wrote in my journal, we all were getting ready for bed and we got in a huge full on pillow fight! Brett, Janie, Pierre, Arturo, Svend, the dork returnee from Brazil, and everyone else! We were throwing pillows, blankets, air matrices, and anything else we could. It was so fun and it went on for 10 to 15 minutes! I got some great photo’s! When we finally did get to sleep at 3am or so, I had one of the greatest sleeps. I slept between Bret and Arturo. It was nice and cozy! Oh, before the pillow fight we were all looking at Photo’s....more

April 30th 1993 – Common Cause & Purpose

I have so much on my mind! Ah! My largest problem is the fact that I think way too much and I’m in one of those deep thoughts, walk with your head tilted down, hair in the face, moods!!!! Oh well. These things come and go! But I am contented by the company I am in and my location! I’m at the Exchange Family Weekend. The usual lit hall late at night! Everyone doing their own thing. But first, last night. The local – Obo – Observer – as usual!...more