Self defense redux.

Back in February, I posted this.  Today, I had a situation reaffirm what I discussed in that post. This morning was bad shortly after I woke up.  I got up late, had cat mess to clean up, was distracted, left the pepper spray and belt knife upstairs. By the time I hit the highway, I realized I wouldn't just be late...I would be RIDICULOUSLY late.  Highway was backed up for at least a couple of miles.  Insert groan here. ...more

it's alright - i wouldn't have minded if you'd mentioned it. :)

does the local YMCA have a ...more

Self defense - not something you should ignore!

Women must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself. - Susan B. Anthony, July 1871 This is something that I found awhile back, and it struck a chord in me. ...more