Tablecloth Tales: Fourth of July in France

With our recent move, I unearthed my travel journals and have decided to give them new life on Family Eats....more

Our Latest DIY Adventure: Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Blueberry YogurtI have a DIY list – one that includes all those things I’d like to find the time to make myself, rather than purchase....more

How to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving, and Have Fun Too (Really!)

The Family Eats Four Pillars  (Planning, Purchasing, Preparing, and Partaking) are important to follow on a daily basis, but during holiday time, it is even more important. Image: timsackton via Flickr ...more
BlogHer I know I'm not ready. Luckily it's not at my place this year!more

School Lunches: Friend or Foe?

I’m a couple weeks into packing lunches for the kids, and things are going pretty smoothly. For the most part, lunch boxes are coming home empty, and when they aren’t empty, I’m querying my children as to why their lunch has not been eaten. I’ve heard a variety of reasons from "You gave me too much to eat," or "I was talking to so and so," to  the more straightforward reason, “I don’t like it.”...more