Children of Same-Sex Couples Are Emotionally Equal

A new Australian study that coincides with previous American research from 2005, shows the children of gay parents grow up with normal self-esteem. Melbourne University PhD student Simon Crouch and his team conducted one of the world's largest studies on gay parents and the well-being of their children. Data was collected from 500 Australian children up to the age of 18 and found that kids growing up in gay and straight families matched equally when it came to self-esteem....more

Canada Upholds Anonymity

The Canadian Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of a Toronto woman who is fighting to know the identity of her sperm donor father. Unfortunately, the Court of Canada has refused to hear her case and did not provide an explanation for its decision....more

Global Parenting

Have you ever traveled to other parts of the world and observed how parents interact with their children? Maybe you were exploring a city and noticed children taking the busses on their own or crossing the streets without adults. Or perhaps you noticed a parent not doing anything when their child was fighting with another child. Think your parenting style is the best? It just might be, but some American parents may want to take a few tips from their international counterparts....more

No Child Support for Child of Anonymous Donor

A German court recently ruled that a child which is born via an anonymous sperm donor is not eligible for child support from the government. So how did this come about? Apparently a woman who became pregnant via an anonymous sperm donor applied for child support after the birth of her baby and was denied. The court stated that there would be no conceivable way the state would get its money back as child support is an essentially an advance of money that the state would later be demanded or obtained from the father. ...more

The Pros and Cons of Co-Parenting as an Older Adult

While some younger adults (in their twenties) may consider co-parenting or a “known donor” relationship, the majority of adults considering a parenting partnership are in their thirties or perhaps their forties – or older! Given that the profile of the “modern family” tends to include older parents than its “traditional family” counterpart, more and more older adults are thinking about having children for the first time – particularly those where the adults have created a co-parenting or “known donor” situation for themselves....more

MTV Introduces Generation Cryo

MTV Networks is at it again with their provocative original series. The network that hasn't had the best TV ratings nationwide, is struggling to keep viewers glued to their original programming and with a younger demographic, keeping the attention of "tweens," is proving to be difficult for the once mega network. In an effort to capture more of an audience, the network has just announced their plans to move forward with a new original series, Generation Cryo. The new unscripted series will follow a 17 year old girl who was conceived via a sperm donor....more

Cohabitation is the New Normal

According to an article published by USA Today, unmarried couples who live together are staying together longer than in the past. In addition, more of them are having children, according to the first federal data recently released that details just how cohabitation is transforming families across the United States. The report from the National Center for Health Sciences states that for almost half of the woman ages 15-44, their first "union" was cohabitation rather than marriage. For less than one-quarter, the first union was marriage....more

Children of Same-Sex Couple Are Doing Just Fine

With all that is currently happening in our country and around the world with regards to marriage equality as well as debates involving the pros and cons of children being raised by same-sex couples, we thought we would take a moment to post some information that might help clarify any questions some who could potentially be opposed to same-sex couples raising children may have. When the Supreme Court of the United States recently heard arguments for marriage equality, Justice Scalia claimed that experts still debate whether same-sex parents are bad for children. ...more

The Origins of Parenting Partnerships

The term co-parenting stems from two people, sharing the responsibility of a child. In most cases, those who are co-parenting were at one time romantically involved and for whatever reason, are no longer in a romantic relationship, but have decided to continue to work together to raise their child. It’s truly a term that has been associated with divorce. Fortunately, these once couples are willing to come together to form the best parenting plan for their children and realize that working together has better overall results in raising their child....more

No More Russian Adoptions

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave orders to the Supreme Court to make changes to Russian adoption laws in order to prevent same-sex foreign couples from adopting Russian children....more