Houston Area Kroger's Stop Doubling/Tripling Coupons

I woke up this morning to some really upsetting information. A friend on the Family Friendly Frugality Facebook wall posted that Houston area Kroger’s announced that they would no longer be doubling/tripling coupons.I was pretty bleary eyed and barely awake, so my first response was, “Oh boy, THAT rumor is circulating again.”.  Let’s face it, in the coupon world there is always impending doom on the horizon! How many times have we heard that Walgreens and CVS are getting rid of Register Rewards? Or that stores are going to stop accepting printable coupons outright.However, something about this didn’t feel like all those other times (and the source much more reliable…Thanks for the info Cheryl!) so I quickly Googled to find out more information....more

I don't know what Wal-Mart's coupon policy is but I've never had a problem using my coupons ...more

Why You Need To Be Active On StumbleUpon

If you have a blog, you should be active on StumbleUpon. You should also encourage your friends and readers to be active on StumbleUpon as well. ...more
This was a really useful article. I just signed up for Stumble Upon today!more

Frugal People Are Stingy

So this is probably one of the more common misconceptions, and to be honest there is some truth to it. Frugal people are stingy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however. In fact, I think more people should be stingy with their money....more

Fun & Frugal Bean and Pasta Soup

So I have definitely been on a new recipe kick lately. I am trying to eat healthier and lose weight and to be honest...I've never tried to lose weight AND clip coupons at the same time. Losing weight for me has always resulted in higher grocery bills. Not because healthy food is more expensive, it's really not. Mainly because to keep things interesting and to stay on track, I have to have a wider, more interesting selection of food available to me. This generally results in higher grocery bills, which in the past I just chalked up to getting healthier....more

(INTERVIEW) MrCoupon From TLC's Extreme Couponing

Recently, TLC aired a controversial show titled “Extreme Couponing." It caused quite the stir among couponers and non couponers alike. When I first heard about it, I was excited and wrote about it here. After the show, I felt the need to talk about it a bit more because I felt that there were some parts of the program that were overly sensationalized. The last participant on the show was the owner/creator of the popular couponing site We Use Coupons ... MrCoupon/Nathan Engels. Nathan reached out to me and asked if I would like to interview him after the show. Definitely! ...more

I highly agree with you! Well said! I've also been following online couponing sites to save in ...more

Frugal People Are Not Materialistic

Last week, I started a series entitled Misconceptions About Frugal Living. It was mainly inspired by a girlfriend of mine who was too ashamed to publicly follow my blog for fear that others would think she had fallen on hard times financially. I started thinking about all the misconceptions I've heard in the past about people who live frugally, and decided to write an article about it. Well one article turned into 2 and here I am on article #3. Proof that there's a lot of half truths out there and stereotypes of frugal living. Since it is my goal to change the view of frugality, I figured who better to debunk these misconceptions..then me? So I started doing some research on my brand new flat screen computer, downloaded a few books to my Kindle, and even researched on the go on my iPhone. ...more

All Frugal People Are Fanatics (Part 2 Of Series)

Recently, TLC aired a show called “Extreme Couponing“. It produced strong reactions from pretty much everyone that viewed it and even became a trending topic on Twitter during the show. Here are a few reactions from the show from various bloggers/sites:...more

Oh I've been the loon too! I agree though, that you can take it way too far. It is not in and of ...more

All Frugal People Are Poor

Recently I was chatting with a friend of mine who confessed something to me. She told me that she adores my blog, but won’t follow it publicly because she doesn’t want her friends thinking she’s poor. I have to admit, I was a bit offended at first....more
This really made me think.  Like other bloggers, I too began being thrifty when money was super ...more

Money Saving Tips for 2011

I was asked recently on twitter what my top money saving tips for families in 2011would be. I sat down and started to write them out, when I realized all I really had to do was comb through the archives of this blog to come up with a top ten list. You see, my money saving advice doesn’t change much from year to year. I do think it’s important to revisit our goals often though, so I did think a  list of money saving tips for families in 2011 was a list worth writing....more
A great way to save money when on a budget is getting rid of all unnecessary luxuries like ...more

#3 Reason To Lose Weight: Increased Energy

 I’ve decided to start a list of motivational reasons to lose weight. Or at least I hope they’ll be motivational. I’m going to post a new one every few days and store them on the sidebar of the blog so they stare me in the face every day when I have to see my blog. At various times, motivation will hit based on an experience, thought, comment, etc and just like that it’s gone. Instead of letting it go, I’ll post it and stare at it everyday. Join me.It started a couple of years ago. My husband, who once boasted that he could eat $20 worth of Jack in the Box a day and still feel great, started feeling sluggish after we ate badly. Me, a mere year and one month younger then him, pretty much scoffed at that. Junk food never made me feel bad. In fact, it comforted something in my soul. So much so, that when I was sick, only the greasiest most processed fast food would make me feel better....more