Rescue hope by choking out hate

What happened in Boston on Monday is unbelievable. Not in a literal sense, but in a figurative sense....more

I got sick. Then everything fell apart.

I was rushed to the emergency room by ambulance. And I’ll never forget the look on the surgeon’s face. “But I can’t have surgery. I just can’t,” I said, wailing hysterically. He looked at me matter-of-factly and said words that still seem like they were uttered on a movie set. They still echo. “This is a very serious situation,” he said. “We can do surgery right now, or we could not do the surgery. “And then you will lay there and die.” ...more


America's beauty shines at soldier's memorial

Last month, while on loan from his family and his hometown of Owasso, Okla., Army Sgt. Andrew Looney was killed by a suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan. Three years ago, Sgt. Looney lost part of his right foot in Iraq. He went through rehab, was fit for a prosthetic, and instead of opting out of the military and out of the battlefield, he picked up right where he left off....more

Thank you for sharing this with us. My heart goes out to Looney's family. I'm passing this on to ...more

Paying it forward with only 44 cents

When I was four years old, my father had a terrible accident and was in the hospital for months. During that time, complete strangers sent cards and encouragement. My family has never forgotten that kindness....more

Once upon a wedding...

Have you ever dreamed and dreamed about something so much that you almost feel like it actually happened? I mean really imagined each and every detail down to where sighs would be placed in conversations about it? I am a single, very independent woman who, one day, will put a ring on it and shop for china patterns. Now is not the time to skip down the aisle. Now is always the time, however, to plan it....more

My So-Called Spoken Life: Vol. 1

 Sometimes you get tired of reading, I get it. I'm about to make it a little easier on you....more

Today, I want to live here: The ballpark

I think one of the most marvelous places to be is in a ballpark. A professional park. A Little League park. In a city or a pasture. Full house or sparse crowd. Pays me no mind. All I need is a hot dog and a Coke....more

Today, I want to live here: The front porch

When I was a girl, my grandma and I would sit on her porch together. On really steamy days, she’d take her glass of ice-cold sweet tea and press it against her face. To her, it was relief. To me, it was just my silly Grandma Peggy doing silly things. I believe in porches. A front porch is essential. Necessary. Imperative. It is absolutely vital....more

We're still not quite seriously looking to buy yet but I sigh over the houses we see with a good ...more

Words for you (and me) to live by

DO ask someone “How are you?”… and listen to their response with genuine interest.DO stand up for yourself. Don’t ever allow someone else to determine your value to humanity....more

Those are good words to live by. :) 

Contributing Editor Sassymonkey also ...more