Halfway Through 2012

Chicago, Chicago

We have officially booked our summer vacation. This year’s destination – Chicago! I’ve never been but have always been intrigued of going there. It’s another big city, has tons to do and sounds like a fun time. Things I’m looking forward to doing in Chicago:Trying real deep dish pizzaI don’t think the one time I went to an Uno’s in NY counts. ;-) We’ll see how it compares to my beloved NY pizza.Boating on the Chicago RiverMastering the Chicago subway systemTrying a waffle hereShopping on the Miracle MileChicago ghost tour!...more

Five Years Gone By

Wow - I can't believe it. Five years ago today, I met The Husband!  I was invited to see a friend's band play at a bar near my apartment and when I got there, The Husband happened to be in the band.  They're a group of five high school friends that just love to get together and create music.We talked all night and the rest is history....more

Relaxing with a Good Read

Since summer is fast approaching, I'm starting to think about backyard BBQ's, cool summer nights and lounging by the pool.  And with pool lounging comes the need for a good book.  I love to read, so I am in need of a few good books to get me through the summer.  Here are some that I may have to put on my reading list.The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. This is a fictionalized look into the marriage of Ernest Hemmingway and his wife Hadley. I’m certain their real-life romance was volatile enough....more
I had The Darlings out from the library but didn't have time to read it. :( I loved The Rules of ...more