Fresh Meal Fridays

As fresh as fresh can get: super easy Chicken Soup made from scratch....more
Talk about comfort food...this is it! As a kid I hated chicken soup (probably because of the ...more

Whats your favorite decoration in your home?

What is your favorite decoration in your home? Let the rest of us get inspirted! Show off your pieces. Include a link and a story about why its your favorite piece. Mine is this bird's nest vase I have in the center of my window sill.  The kissing birds on the nest was a gift we received on our honeymoon, made out of coconut husks! The rocks beneath that are memory rocks from trips we have taken with our family.  We plan on filling this vase up with rocks!!!...more

lessons from a birds nest

There is a vase that sits in the center of our kitchen's window sill, it houses a nest and some rocks that I call 'memory rocks'.  More about the rocks later....more

Make him a happy dad

I’ve been looking for several weeks for the perfect gift for my dad and my husband....more