I'm sensing a theme here...

Though I haven't done the research, I can say with reasonable certainty that there are not a lot of game shows based on kitchen utensils.  ...more

Your silver lining...


(This is is no way a cheap rip-off of HGTV's DesignStar ;)

You could inspire OJFtv's next DesignStair! ...more

Call me Martha, ("Ms. Stewart," if you're nasty.)

As most of you know, we've spent the better part of this year readying for our family reunion.  It turned out to be so easy, I thought I would share my tips for hosting a huge gathering in your own home: ...more


...what exactly have I been doing, lo these many post-less weeks? ...more

Don't get twisted over it...

Have you ever tried to open a door by pushing really hard on it, only to realize it's a "pull" open door?  Ok, hold that thought for a moment.. ....more

Stating the obvious:

Charlotte likes butter ....more

My Artist's Way Toolkit, A BlogHer Book Club Review

I'm not an artist.  Nor do I play one on tv ....more

But that doesn't explain the cow

These are the last few days I'll have to drive Grace all the way into the next town for pre-school ....more

The sins of Blog Envy & Blog Pride

I love reading other people's blogs, ...more