Friday Farm Photo: Have a Colorful Weekend.

Any plans this weekend? I'm hoping to spend some time in the kitchen garden sowing a bed of Swiss chard and cucumber seeds, finally getting the rest of my poor tomato and pepper seedlings in the ground (can you tell I'm a little behind?), pulling approximately 3,000 more weeds, and mulching everything I can with grass clippings—now that it's finally dry enough out there to cut the grass—and that wonderful, nutrient-filled manure/bedding hay from the sheep barn. I'll also be savoring the fact that our hayfield no longer looks like it does in the photo above because there are 225 square bales of hay now stacked in the barn (we didn't cut the entire field, just what you see here) ....more

Wordless Wednesday Dose of Cute: Wooly Blockade

11 more photos belowClick here for the rest of this post » ...more

Friday Dose of Cute: Have a Well-Balanced Weekend.

Mr. Midnight hunting at the edge of the hayfield. Any plans this weekend? ...more

Recipe: Easy Orange Yogurt Cake and Growing Strawberries

A simple, classic orange cake that tastes great with strawberries (recipe here). One of the nice things about living in a very sparsely populated rural area is that when the first local strawberries of the season arrive at the only store in town, the owner is likely to personally call and give you a heads up because he remembers that you bought something like 20 quarts of strawberries last year and are a sucker for rarely available local fruit. "One of the Amish down the road just brought in 40 quarts of strawberries that he picked this morning and needs to sell today because he can't sell on Sundays ....more

Looking Back: A Tiny Tail for Mother's Day

Baby Cary in the greenhouse on May 19, 2006, age two weeks. Once upon a time I had a little lamb. Her name was Cary, and she followed me wherever I went ....more

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Marta Beast

Living up to her name. It's hard to believe it's already been over six months since the last time we spent several hours shearing our beloved guard dog Marta—until you look at her. It's time to get some more doggy downers from the vet and do it again before she gets more matted and the job gets even more difficult ....more

Monday Dose of Cute: It's Monday?

Baaaaaaaaaa! Wishing you a happy, stress-free week. More sheep? ...more

Friday Farm Photo: Have A Sweet Smelling Weekend.

Lilacs blooming in the kitchen garden. Any plans this weekend? Mine are simple: spend as much time near the lilacs as possible.Because of late spring frosts and early budding during winter heat waves, we don't often get many blooms on the lilac bushes down in our little valley ....more

Friday Dose of Cute: Have a Fun Weekend.

Treat time in Donkeyland. (Love longears? Lots more donkey pics here.) Any plans this weekend? ...more

Monday Dose of Cute: Bear's Annual Tradition

He tiptoes through the tulips and then he pees on them. Wishing you an enjoyable week! ...more