Angela’s Eggnog Cocktail

This warmly spiced drink, Angela’s Eggnog Cocktail, is a holiday crowd pleaser. It’s the perfect beverage to add some flair to an evening with friends. I’ve been waiting since last December to make this chilled eggnog cocktail myself ....more

Cranberry Orange Skillet Cake with White Chocolate

This Cranberry Orange Skillet Cake with White Chocolate is bright and tangy and completely comforting, just the prescription for the gloom of winter. It...more

FIESTA Dinnerware Giveaway

Win eight 4-piece place settings in this FIESTA...more

Patsy’s Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials

These Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials are fun to create, delicious to eat, and make a beautiful joy-filled statement on any holiday platter. This is one of those recipes that I’ve been wanting to try fooooooorever. But I’ve been intimidated to do so ....more

Mom’s Ultra Soft and Tender Caramel Rolls

These caramel rolls are a Christmas morning tradition in our family. Mom’s Ultra Soft and Tender Caramel Rolls, my favorite rolls in all the world. Food traditions are such a big part of who I am ....more

HiLine Coffee K-Cups Review + Giveaway!

I’m excited to be sharing this HiLine Coffee K-Cups Review and Giveaway with you. HiLine is delicious caffeination! Over the past few months, I’ve introduced you to...more

Caramel Honey Nut Cheerios Squares

These Caramel Honey Nut Cheerios Squares are crunchy and chewy, and filled with all kinds of simple wonderful flavors. And they’re so easy to make! This time of year is both a blessing and a curse for me when it comes to how I spend my time in the kitchen ....more

Cheerios Giveaway!

Be sure to enter this Cheerios Giveaway. Whole grain oats are a great way to start your day! Whole grain oats are a smart and delicious way to get your day started ....more

Loree’s Rocky Road Krispies Bars {no bake!}

These Rocky Road Krispies Bars are super simple to make and require no oven time. They’re a family favorite, perfect for...more

Land O’Lakes Butter Giveaway!

It’s a Land O’Lakes Butter Giveaway! Ready, set, enter! Let’s end this year in a buttery and super delicious way, ok?! ...more