The Power of Generosity

This past week, the Universe gave me some wonderful opportunities to put into practice the wonderful law of giving and receiving. On Saturday, a young nervous pimply-faced girl asked me to donate money toward her youth program. I gave her the last $20 bill in my wallet. On Sunday, while getting out of my car to do groceries, an older gentleman asked me to donate $5 towards gas....more

The Power of Intention

Wow, it’s already October. Looking back at this year, was it mostly tricks or treats? It’s time to start creating your goals and dreams for 2010. How do you wanna change and improve your life? What’s the next level? How could your life be more of a treat and more in line with your true preferences?     ...more

Transmit Love

Love is the master key that opens up every door of happiness. Love, becoming love, is why we are here....more