Are the new adaptations of the Snowwhite fairytale better for women than the original?

Fairytales are fictional stories that teach us a valuable lesson on the real world. When it comes to the fairytale of Snow White, many people seem to think that the moral of the story was that women should clean the house and that they should wait until prince charming saves them. Many people find this offensive because it would be a very suppressing and patriarchal view on women, but these people don’t understand what the fairytale is about....more

Fashion hypocrisy

Catholicism and women's rights

Feminism often is depicted as a threat to religion and vice versa, because feminism challenges the morals of society, including the morals of any religion. It often is forgotten that these religions were written in a different era. And that most religions would actually offer solutions to women in that era....more

Why are classic boring advertisements always aimed at women?

Have you ever noticed how these days the quality of advertising has improved? The commercial break often is more entertaining than the TV-shows that are interrupted by them. It’s because marketers feel like people have become so overexposed to advertising that people have become extremely hard to influence. To respond to this marketers have adopted a new vision on their customers. They no longer see their customers as people that need to buy their products....more

Be a man. Are clothes that flatter a woman's body bad?

I really don’t understand why clothes that are not flattering for a woman’s body are often called ‘intelligent’ design, while clothes that emphasize a woman’s femininity are called vulgar or are called clothes for women that don’t understand that those clothes come from an era where they had no rights....more

War and Fashion

“…the charming full skirts falling to just below the knee did suggest a decorous army wife in olden times…” I think the person at that commented on the Burberry Spring Summer 2012 doesn’t have a clue of an idea what it’s like to be an army wife. If someone you love is at the battlefield, you couldn’t possibly care about being ‘decorous’. ...more
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The circle of fashion

If you follow these 6 steps, you will be a real fashion designer. ...more

Are there too little coloured women in magazines or too many white women?

The fashion industry often is criticized for not using enough coloured models. This lack of coloured models in the high-end fashion industry is merely a reflection of the racism in our society. And a reflection of how the fashion world is merely interested in capturing the time spirit and that it does not have any vision of their own on how the future will or should be.  However, I feel like black people are in a better way presented than white women in fashion magazines, because ... ...more