Best investment of a life time

In our consumer filled lives we are always reading about the best way to invest our money. 'Choose this bank; buy these shares; choose this term deposit, etc'.  Over the past few years I have discovered the greatest return on investment is my health.Without it - I have nothing.   Since sharing my journey online I've lost over 20 kilos (approx 44lbs). Now some have unashamedly asked me, "couldn't you have lost more weight?"  My answer is, "Of course. But I'm creating a healthy lifestyle, not a skinny life." ...more

Tips on finding a personal trainer when you are obese

It can be totally overwhelming at the best of times, but when you are carrying a lot of extra weight and may never had worked with a PT before - it can be a little scary.  It's not - hope these tips help you find what you need. ...more

I weigh how much?!

I'm so excited I have finally began sharing on BlogHer, and  I thought my first post should share where it all started. "I weigh how much? Are you #%*& serious?" I thought that’s what I would screech at Dr V during my weigh in.  Although, I believe I could have be forgiven if an expletive had escaped my lips. However, you will all be pleased to know it didn’t....more
Fat Be Gone AmberRose  I've started doing CrossFit.  I'm in my 3rd week and it's been nuts. I do ...more