Budgeting for Fun

I've always been something of a cheap hedonist.  If it's going to break the bank, or it's not fun, why do it?  Yet, in this economy, I have been cutting back - on everything, including my fun money.  Instead of buying discounted movie tickets through my work, I downgraded my Netflix to two videos a month and started relying on my library card.  I'm learning to cook and always bring my lunch to work. ...more

Hey Shannon,

Great tips!  Sometimes, a little planning will help us save a long ...more

Stitchmarker Giveaway

I'm doing a stitch marker giveaway on my blog, Musings of a Fat Chick.  Head on over to enter!  I've also posted details and pictures of the stitch markers below: !!!Calling all yarn addicts!!! My next giveaway was designed with you in mind, fellow fiber friends, and this month's theme is all about LOVE. Because it's February, and isn't that the Official Theme of February? ...more