Try eBay, said the most obvious woman alive.

Remember when I talked about selling your closet, then I talked about buying other people’s closets on apps such as Tradesy, Threadflip and Posh? Here’s my advice from the most obvious woman alive. Try eBay....more

What Coach Bags and Jack in-the-Box Tacos Have in Common

            I've always taken offense to the name cheapskate. That implies I'd rather have things cheap than good, which simply isn't true.Cheap is one-ply toilet paper. We know that is not good....more

Stuck for Writing Ideas? Try This.

I began writing as a snarky teenager on the high school newspaper. Apparently I hadn't developed my sense of political correctness but aptly embraced my inferiority when I launched an attack on the "popular" girls in a so-called high school sorority. That feeling of sharing myself, while safely nestled onto a newsprint page, was liberating and addictive....more

How to 'Maxx' Your Savings

What you call monotony I call routine. Nearly every Saturday, FatHeadDog–accompanied by FatHead "Pup", Mother and Grandmother–makes her way to TJ Maxx. After plopping the Pup into gray TJ Maxx shopping cart with my mother at the wheel, FatHeadDog enjoys an hour or so of uninterrupted shopping time....more

Avoiding the Mail-In Rebate Trap and Five More Ways to Save Money

When flying, schedule very early morning flights or holidays. You'll save at least 10% flying on these non-peak times. Also, traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday can save you 5-25 percent over other days of the week....more

Six More Ways to Save Money

Don't clip coupons. Instead go digital. Subscribe to mobile coupons via text (,, or send to your store loyalty card automatically (, Electronic coupons exist for everything from bricks and morter stores, online retailers and specialty services like Redbox to manufacturer coupons redeemable at grocery stores....more