Why is it that I am always wanting? ...more

Gays are people too!

I am so excited about our president-elect and I can not wait to see the beautiful changes that happen under his presidency. I sincerely hope he is able to open the eyes of Americans and help us all unite. The night of the election was very joyful for me, Obama's acceptance speech was moving and inspirational. The next morning however delivered a crushing blow.   ...more

Rock and Roll

My biology teacher uses the term "rock and roll" quite often, and I have to say in absurdly inappropriate situations. I'll give you an example, we were doing presentations on cell structures the other day. Every time it was a new groups turn, he'd say, "k, everyone, quiet, next groups up. let's Rock and roll". Rock and roll infuckingdeed. My mom also uses inappropriate terms to describe something that's in no way similiar. She refers to having a couple of people over for dinner as a party. Yes mom, you threw a total rager. ...more

The many ways Utah sucks old, shriveled balls

Utah is a pretty place-the mountains are gorgeous, and there are endless activities for you hippie outdoorsy people. But other than that, Utah is just a huge smorgasboard of mindless morons whose heads are so far up their big fat asses that they are barely aware of an existence outside their little, usually mormon bubble. NO ONE EVER moves out of the fast lane-irregardless of how fast (I mean slow) they are going, how many other lanes are open, and how long you've been riding their ass trying to give them the not so subtle hint that they are a complete jack ass. ...more
@faultline801 I think he was talking about the people and not the place. I've lived in Utah for ...more


Today has been the longest day of my life. It's cold and rainy and I can not concentrate at work. I have been picking at my split ends for almost 8 hours now.....productive day right? This is funny to me right now ...more

Sitting, waiting, wishing

I saw an article today about Veterinarian technicians and thought, hey, that would be fun! So I've decided I'm going to school in a couple weeks to be a vet tech (financial assistance providing of course). I can't decide whether this is a good idea, or just a manic phase I'm going through that I will deeply regret 2 years and a lot of debt later.... I have always (always meaning the past few years) wanted to be a Psychologist but it just seems that goal is a bajillion years away. I don't even have my associates yet.... I'm so confused ...more