Colombia: FARC signs the deal

Timochenko and Santos signed the peace deal yesterday afternoon. Colombia, Rebels Sign Deal to End Half-Century Conflict. Peace accord will phase out FARC, whose battle with the government left more than 220,000 dead; president, insurgent leader use pen fashioned from bullet ....more

No, I didn’t watch the debate.

But thanks for asking ....more

Colombia: The peace trap

Who wouldn’t want to be “for peace”? Anyone who has read the Colombian government capitulation agreement with the FARC, that’s who. Mary O’Grady explains, Santos Sets a Trap for Colombians ....more

And now, a few words on reading

To say that I am a voracious reader is to understate my addiction. I read at least a whole novel (mostly thrillers/mysteries) every week, and I also study a number of books over periods of time. Among the latter, I’m currently working my way through Carlos Eire’s Reformations: The Early Modern World, 1450-1650, and Huntington […] ...more

The pre-debate Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Yes, there’s a presidential debate tonight. Meh. ARGENTINA Argentina plans eurobond Probe into Nisman’s death will go to federal courts Stiuso habló de una “guerra” entre espías tras la muerte de Nisman ....more

Sunday palate cleanser: Le Rossignol (The Nightingale)

Full opera, Animated version, French librettos and information at the Aria Database ....more

Colombia: Santos presents FARC peace agreement to UN Security Council

LAHT reports, Santos submitted the document to the Security Council’s president in the presence of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who confirmed that he would travel to the northern Colombian city of Cartagena next week for the signing of the peace agreement. It’ll be interesting to see who actually gets to sign the agreement; the document […] ...more

Should politicians run campaign ads in a foreign language?

Let’s not ignore the one fact that even Politico begrudgingly acknowledged: the majority of Latino voters are English-speaking. Read my post,...more

Hugo Chavez mural up in the Bronx

Inaugurated, for all to see, “The young artist knows nothing about the character, he gets paid to paint” El joven pintor no sabe absolutamente nada del personaje, le pagan por pintar — maibort petit (@maibortpetit) September 22, 2016 Paid by the Communist Venezuelan regime. Independent journalist Maibort Petit tweeted that only journalists pre-approved by […] ...more

Mexico: Vicente Fernandez {hearts} Hillary

Hugely popular singer Vicente Fernández (Chente to his fans), idol of the Mexican working class, momentarily suspended his retirement to take on a commission from the Clinton campaign to write a corrido for Hillary out of his devotion for her possibly large stipend, but who knows? After taking to Chente’s musical director (wait, wasn’t Chente […] ...more