Should a Mother Lose her Child because of One Mistake?

Close your eyes and imagine this:Imagine that your beloved father dies suddenly and in your grief, you make a mistake. You drink too much and sleep with an old friend.Imagine that you become pregnant form this and, understandable, your significant other of 7 years is upset, but you really want this baby. You feel it is the last piece of your father coming though and you want to name this baby after him....more
Please, please, please, give this baby back. You know it is the right thing to do but someone in ...more

Top Blogger Spin Offs - Pioneer Woman Spawns Pie Near

How to Make a Blog in the Genre of Niche Bloggers: HatersThe mark of a great blog might not necessarily be a gaggle of likes and followers, or the celebrity blogger status you receive, or even the motorcade of blog traffic because you are oh-so-popular. Nope. A clear signal that you could be a top blogger is the number of spin-off hate blogs that you cause. Case and point: Pioneer Woman....more

MusiCares® Music Blogger of the Year Contest: Be on the Red Carpet with Paul McCartney!!

Here’s your chance to see Paul McCartney honored: MusiCares® Music Blogger of the Year Contest.  One lucky music writer will be selected to be the only MusiCares® blogger with red carpet credentials at the MusiCares® Person of the Year Event in February 2012!...more

Time for a fun Meme! ReImagine Yourself!

This spring, Sears is encouraging America to ReImagine You; to consider how you would re-invent your home and your look. Did you know that in a recent survey conducted on behalf of Sears, 9 in 10 Americans (92%) said they would like to change the look of three rooms in their home? What’s more, fifty-seven percent wish they had the vision to imagine their homes potential. However, nearly 3 in 4 Americans note that economic considerations hold them back. ...more

It's very important to redesign our homes once in a while. We change so why wouldn't our home? I ...more