Lilou Mace - a New kind of Interviewer

marcel messing June 5th, 2012 FrancesRight now Lilou Mace is on a world tour interviewing people who are very much worth listening to....more

Hybrid foods

Let’s cook a somewhat nutritious meal

What to cook? What about pasta, onions, and mashed sweet potatoes, sprinkled with cayenne pepper, salt and pepper, and olive oil?...more

Pesky little creatures treated the natural way

When I was in Boquete, Panama a friend I’d met there took me to visit a woman who produced the most luscious raspberries I’d ever seen. We visited her garden, and then went into her large kitchen where jellies, jams, and sauces were everywhere, ready for the marketplace. This is the way she kept her raspberries from being eaten by pesky-little creatures: She had a spray bottle, and in it was some soap (what kind of soap I don’t know), and in that bottle she also put hot spices. That made all the difference....more
You're a hearty one, Denise. @Denisemore

Are we alive yet?