Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior Before it Gains Momentum

Anyone having battled depression, anxiety, or an addiction, knows that the downward spiral extends further than it appears when teetering on the edge of control. Even if you’ve not experienced conditions as serious as these, it’s likely you’ve plunged head first into a dizzying, self-sabotaging abyss. I’ve been known to fling myself—like a dodo bird—over the edge of rationale on numerous occasions. In fact, I spent the better part of yesterday clawing my way out of doubt-induced rubble.   You’d think—by age 37—I’d know better, that I’d know how to stop self-perpetuated mental anguish before it takes me for a ride. But I don’t; or if I do, I don’t practice it. What I have learned—with desperate attachment—is...more