Homophobia: why are heterosexuals afraid of homosexuality?

Are you homophobic? I am surprised by the number of people who still struggle with this fear. Don't worry, because I have also struggled with it.Today, I am looking for your feedback. If you struggle with homosexuality or if you know someone who does, I would welcome your opinon....more

Coulrophobia: Overcoming your fear of clowns.

Clowns should be funny and entertaining, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many people have been scared by clowns, and many of them are not receiving the help that they need. I am finding many adult survivors of coulrophobia. This phobia is an abnormal fear of clowns which can be devastating to experience.Fortunately, there are resources to help those in need. I have had the opportunity to do some research, and I am in the process of writing several posts....more

Are You Being Defined By God's Love?

If we let God's love define us, then we will be changed into becoming more like the kind of people who reflect His character. If not, then we will always come up short when it comes to being loved, and knowing how to love others, in return.Does love define your life? If so, how?Visit motivatinglove.com to find out more.   ...more

Public Speaking: What are your symptoms?

Have you ever spoken in public? If you have, then you are probably well aware of your anxiety. When you think about what bothers you, what symptoms come to mind? Read this post for 10 symptoms which most people experience. Your participation is very much appreciated!Public Speaking: What are your symptoms?...more

Fear of the dark: 7 ways to overcome this fear.

Have you ever been afraid of the dark? If you are like most people, there has probably been a time in your life when this fear has been significant.Today you can learn more about how to overcome this fear.Check out this post, fear of the dark, to find out more! ...more

Fear of Public Speaking: 5 essential tips

Speaking in public is no easy cake walk. There are many things which can hinder us from excelling in this domain. If you have spoken often, you probably have some invaluable tips to share. This post is designed to help newcomers excel. ...more

Anxiety: what remedy works best for you?

Where would we be without some anxiety in our lives? Well, if we found a better way to deal with our stress, we would probably feel a lot calmer, and we would be able to handle difficult situations easier.There are many remedies available for anxiety. However, not every remedy is suitable for every individual. Have you found a suitable remedy for yourself? What has worked for you? What hasn't worked?...more

Fear of Heights: have you ever been afraid of falling?

Fear of heights is a personal fear which I have struggled with for many years. When I was a child, I use to be afraid of going on escalators, for fear of falling through the moving steps. As I grew older, I became afraid of many things associated with heights. For example: climbing up on a ladder, looking out of a window seat while travelling on an airplane, and even going on roller coaster rides.  ...more

Fear of Enclosed Spaces: do you ever feel trapped?

Have you ever felt trapped? Maybe you remember the time when you were hesitant to go into an elevator, board an airplane, or go into a crowd of people. The sensations you feel, as you addressed this fear, were probably not very pleasant to experience. However, you don't have to allow this fear of being in enclosed spaces to limit your health and well-being. There is definitely hope for you, as you seek to grow in confidence in facing this fear....more

Struggling with accepting change

As I grow older, its not easy to accept change. If change is for the better, then I look forward to seeing beyond the daily routine of living. However, I find that change is not always predictable, even when I find myself in the driver's seat.As you look back on your life, where have you noticed how change has been difficult to accept? What have you learned? How have you been able to better prepare yourself for your future?...more