Monkey Boy and the Quest for Cash

Turns out, my boy has the same entrepreneurial spirit his parents both have, and both sets of grandparents have.He works hard, and the rewards are rich, vast even.It has occurred to me, that his job, at the ripe old age of 13, is keeping the change.He works hard, every time I send him into the store.  Sometimes, it's only 31 cents.  Sometimes, it's a buck or two.  ...more

V-Day Musings

Why? Why do we focus on love on Valentine's Day? Besides the need to spend too much money and time trying to one-up the other moms at school with our cake pops, hand-made Valentines, and time-consuming detectible treats that will roil in tiny stomachs all afternoon,  I guess I can go along with the expression of love ....more

Busy Being. Or, How Can I Stop Being ME?

I have always been busy, as far back as I can remember.I also have never had the desire to slow down.Until now.I enjoy my less-crazy life.  I have become one with my AMAZING Sleep Number bed.  I know the intimate details of my recliner.  I can sit, and just be.But old habits die hard.  ...more

Shopping With Your Teen: A Primer

Monkey Boy can be all kinds of joy----we recently had an amazing meeting with the school admin, to set up a 504 plan for when he goes to high school (this is a legal doc, stating certain accommodations that help him be successful---the school has been giving him what he needs with no complaints for so long, but transitioning to traditional public school could prove to be bumpy for a kid that processes things differently soooo.....).  We got tons of ...more

Journey to M

Maybe you have heard this song before:I'm a fatass.  I need to stop shoveling food into my face.No? Not here, or here?I was so young, so naive, so full of hope back then.  :::sigh::: Maybe you should start, I dunno, paying attention?Anywho ....more

A Shot In The Dark, So To Speak.

So.My stomach is trashed.  Each morning when I gobble down my pile of vitamins, herbal supplements, thyroid enhancers, mood elevators, and antibiotics, I get this raging sour stomach that lasts for about an hour, sometimes up to 3.  It feels like a cross between nausea, hunger and cramps.It has gotten worse, the harsher my antibiotics have gotten ....more

I'm The Best Wife In The World

I'm all about compromise, getting along, meeting the other's needs, etc. Basically, I'm one agreeable motherfucker.  I try.   I put forth EFFORT. This year, I have truly put my honey's needs before my own, and given him some excellent references and advice, as well as a viable game-plan, forsaking my desire to be swept off my feet by romantic fabulousness.I'm a giver, really.In years past, I have not done my best to fully express my Valentine's Day expectations.  ...more

Men's Public Restrooms Have Gotten Cleaner---I Should Know

I AM very fortunate, especially as far as Chronic Lyme people go, to have so many of my symptoms decreased significantly: low energy levels, constant muscle pain, constant joint pain, depression, anxiety.BUT. There is one that has gotten worse: my cognitive abilities.  Specifically, those that involve "auto-pilot", or things that, deep down, we have been taught through many years of social mores, are wrong, or incorrect ....more

Toddler Bullies And Zero Tolerance

Many of you know, I work in a child care center.  Now, I guess all of you do.Anywho.I get emails from people interested in our facility---they ask about enrollment, fees, wait lists, the usual.  Sometimes, I get strange emails.  Emails that lead me to believe that some people are a little off (that's nice talk for batshit crazy).It happened the other day, as a matter of fact.I got the first email, requesting info.  No biggie: ...more

Pathetic Apologies

Yes, I'm still alive.I'm happy, on the mend in most areas, and just got home from a giant road trip.I have lots to tell you, including my efforts (successful, by the way) of cramming an entire year's worth of gravy consumption into three days.But I am sleepy, and need to decompress. I will write soon.Until then, enjoy this picture of gravy: ...more