A little something new ~

Today has been such a good day. I've met so many precious friends in my blogging journey and today I was able to speak to a dear friend who lives in France and it. was ....more

A trip to paradise!

Well, it's officially summer now and we just returned from the most WONDERFUL vacation! It had been over six years since we last went on a vacation and when my husband's sister invited us to go to Florida with them, we jumped at the chance!!! It ended up being my husband's parents, his sister, his brother and their spouses plus the two of us ....more

A few small offerings ~

I have SO enjoyed getting back to my basics around here. I love making pretty things and I really love to make small things! Here is a photo of what I've created this past week ....more

Simple stitches ~

I've made strawberry pincushions in the past but I had the bright idea to make a few that were filled with lavender buds! You can hang them on a knob or hook and enjoy their simplicity and fragrance. I just finished this pair yesterday and they sold mighty fast! ...more

In my little corner of the world ~

I so hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day weekend! I had a wonderful time celebrating at my sister-in-law's house and we were even able to go swimming it was so warm. All of our boys were there except our oldest Brent, Emily and our grandbabies Clara and Murray ....more

So where in the world have I been??

I promise I've not dropped off the face of the earth! I've been working on a few more treasure organizers and truthfully, I've been procrastinating about finishing them. They are a TON of hard work and it's like a major accomplishment when I finish one of these babies! ...more

Home is where you hang your ferns ~

Yes, I've used that title before here on the blog... but I don't care, I love it! It's been about three years now since I've enjoyed beautiful ferns swinging on our front porch ....more

Just playing around ~

I'm about to start working on a few more treasure organizer orders but took the weekend off and have been playing around with some of my new Waverly Chalk Paint! You'd think I was their spokesperson but I promise, I'm not. I just love that it's cheap, right here in town and that there are beautiful shades to choose from ....more

Antique lace, vintage buttons & laundered dropcloth...it doesn't get much better than that!

And of course, some thread and a sewing machine is all it takes to create a couple of wonderful treasure organizers! WHEW!!! I procrastinated WAY too long on these two sweeties ....more