Snippets of loveliness ~

The other day I pulled out a blank canvas wanting to make something new. It was a simple 11 x 14 canvas that I simply layered with snippets of loveliness! I started by gluing on a piece of vintage linen to the base ....more

Sweet spring ~

I don't know exactly when it happens. One day you are shivering and looking for cozy throws then slowly but surely the temperature climbs to a wonderful level and then you REALIZE something! It feels like spring!!! ...more

A thankful heart and a few handmade treasures ~

There's something beautiful about waking up to thankfulness. Yes, some mornings I wake up I'm grouchy...worried...sleepy, etc. But this morning the absolute wonderful feeling of thankfulness washed over me ....more

A little tweaking and some goodies!

I ran across this pretty image a few days ago and thought of you ~ maybe you can use it on one of your Valentines! I share it most every year. I can't remember where I found it though.. ....more

Altered inspiration!

I ran across this photo today on Facebook ~ You know how it will share your old posts and memories? This was from a year ago today and I love it! The morning light was streaming in across a door in my studio where I've hung pretty little treasures that inspire me ~ I love seeing and displaying wonderful things that make me smile! ...more

Sweet, small and pretty ~ perfect for this old farmhouse!

I finally finished painting our new dining room table! Apparently I had forgotten how much I despise painting furniture. I guess because I have painted way too many pieces in the past, especially when I had my antique store ....more

As busy as a bee!

I have been! For years now, our little farmhouse dining room had been converted into our soap shop. Well, now that we've retired from making soap, it's time to transform it back into our dining room I found a wonderful, round pedestal table at the thrift store for under 40.00!!! ...more

Getting back into the studio!

It's been awhile! But I really feel like my creative juices are flowing again. I'm ready to get busy and use up more of this stash ....more

A precious gift ~

That's what it is you know. A new year is such a wonderful gift!!! And it's up to us to decide what we will do with this precious gift ....more

Merry Christmas-time and a few gifts for you!

Are you ready??? Christmas is just a week away now! We've had a relatively stress-free season this year and I really like it! ...more