Deep Blue.

Who gets a little muscle soreness from time to time? You? Well, if you're active -- especially if you run -- you probably do ....more

Getting real.

Last weekend, running got real.It has been a long, long time since I've felt like I was really...more

February Half Marathon.

That's right. I ran a half-marathon in February!Not all at once, mind you. But, over the course of 28 days I ran 13.1 miles.13.1 miles ....more

Three months.

At the 3 month mark of my injury, I'm feeling really hopeful.My recovery is going very, very, sloooooowly. But, anything worth doing takes time, right? And recovering well is totally worth doing ....more


Slowly but surely I am starting to run. My longest unbroken run has been a mile but I've only done that once since starting back. Mostly, I've been running a half mile, walking for a quarter mile and running another half mile ....more

Half and half.

Well, friends, it happened.I ran.Yup, I ran.In fact, I've run twice. Twice! This is a big deal here in Happy Runner-ville ....more

Monday Motivation.

I read a sentence the other day that just hit me, and stayed with me, the way some things do sometimes. "Why not choose to do everything you do with joy and enthusiasm?"...more

Two months.

I've been avoiding this blog. Not because I don't love it. And, certainly, not because I no longer love running ....more

Back to zero.

My running had been going so well and then -- justlikethat -- it all went downhill.The day before Thanksgiving, we drove to Long Island. We got caught in the bad snowstorm that hit upstate NY that week and our usually 3 hour drive became 4.5 hours. During the stressful ride, I felt my right hamstring tighten up ....more


Well, after a good long post-marathon break, I'm slowly getting my mileage back up to where I'd like it to be. Not because I'm training for anything. Just because I feel better when I'm running a certain amount each week.Last week, I hit it ....more