As a lover of all things Prince since 1982 when I first heard “Little Red Corvette,” it pains me to announce the following: today I’m boycotting his music.Understand that I listen to something of his every day. One of my drum warmups is even the bottom of a song he wrote called “Stare.” Had to commit it to memory from the one time I heard it as I can’t buy it anywhere. That’s part of the problem....more

Being a "Girl" in the Dojo: Sexism in Karate

I remember the first woman I saw in the dojo. She was a green belt, I think -- and I was still in sweats and a T-shirt (hadn't even gotten my karate uniform yet). Back then, I was so busy trying to figure out these hand, foot and body movements that I didn't realize I was one of only two adult females in a class of 30 people....more
Majority of my dojo mates are female because the guys can't take the "tough love" dished out ...more

Babes: Images of Female MAs

A recent post on the Martial Talk forum asked female martial artists to give their thoughts on how we are portrayed in the media via photos in marketing materials, websites, catalogues and the like. For a while, women were really getting into it and giving their thoughts and opinions on how they think the type of images seen the most are good or bad for the art....more