Publishing Community Unites for Author Patry Francis

The BlogHer Today is a very special day in publishing history as hundreds of authors and bloggers attempt to spread the word to help out fellow author, Patry Francis, whose novel, THE LIAR'S DIARY, is being released today in paperback. ...more

The Bitch-a-Thon

THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY Joins Forces with WOMENADE to Help Others in Need ...more

Girls That Google

I recently blogged about a report indicating fewer and fewer women are pursuing careers in technology. When I wrote THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY series of mysteries, I specifically created characters that were both technically savvy, and not so technically savvy so that the ones who understood what a rootkit invasion or a backdoor hack was, could explain it to the others. In fact, the characters often take shots at each other, in a good spirited way, about being a bit too geeky. They have lots of fun and all pull together in the end, mind you. ...more