Pajama Moms Unite!

When I "signed on" to be a mom, I never thought I would be the kind of mom that I am today....well, I didn't really have any preconceived notions at all, but I look at myself every once in awhile and say, wow....LOL  not always in a good way, but wow hahahaToday, I'm the mom in pajamas.  I've made no effort to do anything more than pull my hair in a ponytail (for myself at least).  My girls, are dressed, are on their lunch now have had multiple diaper changes and potty breaks and the usual "mom scrutiny" of every booger on their face or bruise on their arm.  ...more
I hope you have a fantastic day!more

The DST Plan: Leaving The Comfort Zone

Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, I woke up at what I thought was a 'normal' time this morning. My girls and I were up at around 7:45-8ish and I thought, 'Yeah! This time, DST change did not win!'  WRONG!  From the moment I got up, I should've been prepared to take off running, because my entire day was on fast-forward from there....So, this week I'm focusing on getting out of my 'comfort zone'.  I am SUCH a creature of habit, I like things 'just so', and I'm totally all about doing the same things over and over again because 'it works'.  ...more
I just started my blog this year as well as guest blogging for a local website. Both are out of ...more

A slave to your scale....

Last night I was talking (and I stayed up toooooo late doing so lol) to a friend about her diet and fitness woes and she and I got into a subject that I REALLY need to talk about!  The's the end all, the be all, the EVERYTHING when it comes to fitness, exercise, and weightloss.  Or is it??...more
I agree.  We get obsessed with numbers on the scale to a fault.  Being fit is fun.  We have to ...more

Summertime is coming....get off the couch!

Today, I busted butt.  I decided that I would put aside the cold I've been fighting for over a week now, and I would be dynamic and I would take all the "wants" to exercise today and put them to use.  So I got off my booty, and I worked out!  I'm sore, and I'm tired, and I still have this dang cold....but ya know what....I feel...STRONG....more
Great!  Always good to work out with others...summer is coming so we must get ready for the ...more

It's nap time, and I'm a bored mommy!

Shhhh.....Do you hear that?  Yup, it's silence!  Aaaah, the afternoon nap is a thing of PURE joy. I love when my girls go down and I get a little peace and quiet and a little afternoon mommy recoup!  ...more

Kids, Exercise, Cleaning.....Balance?

This morning I decided to take off from my workout and to just pick up and do my evening workout (hey, at least I'm working out once today).  But I apparently have issues, because I just cannot sit down and take a morning of rest.....Noooo not me.  I get this weird need to do all sorts of cleaning that I've been ignoring for a week if not more....more

Happiness pisses people off.....

I heard something today, that I've never heard before...and honestly, it hurt my feelings.  My positivity and happy, healthy outlook on life bothered someone.  I guess they're in a "funk" and hearing me be so happy and positive was messing with their negativity.  I never thought that my personal optimism and happy outlook on life could be offensive or bothersome to others.  ...more
You need to move forward with a smile and works best for you!  If people refuse to look for the ...more

Make a Healthier Choice!!

National Nutrition Month....Are you working to educate yourself on food?  Don't just take for granted all of those amazing food choices that exist in the world!  Just because you can buy it and consume it, does NOT mean that it's a healthy choice.  Are you aware of what would be a good choice for you?  For your kids?  ...more

Finding my happiness

So today, I woke up truly happy.  I had a smile on my face and that's when I remembered how far I've come in the last year.  How I have worked so hard on cultivating my happiness and optimism and getting rid of the pessimist that I used to be.  Are you working on being happy and getting rid of negativity?  Yes there are going to be ups and downs and mountains to climb in life but there are lots of little things that can make you happy if you look for them.  You don't have to let your situation kill all of your optimism, like I did.  ...more

Omg...I was SUCH a HATER today!

I'm honestly disappointed in myself today!  I was SUCH a hater earlier!  I checked out a girl that's an extremely successful Beachbody coach on facebook today and instantly hated on her.  I guess I'll explain what Beachbody is really quickly so you have some  I'm a newer coach and basically my goal is to utilize it to share weightloss and fitness and help to end obesity.  It's an extremely positive organization, everyone is extremely sweet and helpful!...more