The Sexual Essence Disconnect

   Over the past 30 or 40 years, women have been fighting for equality and power in a "man's world". Women have gained recognition in the working and corporate arena; we have more options, more choices, and more freedom....more

Gratitude Workout #2: The Freedom Jog

  Gratitude Workout 2: The Freedom Jog Run/Jog 5-20 minutes ( or more!), preferably outside Affirmation: I have my Freedom/ I author my own life Energy: Freedom, Joy, Power, Authorship ...more

Access your Feminine Essence in 3 easy steps!

Enjoy this video about 3 easy ways to access your feminine essence. It makes such a difference in how others perceive you as you will notice.What are your thoughts on personal presence? What makes a magnetic presence? Can you think of a woman you know or have seen who has a very feminine presence? What about them draws you in?...more

Getting off the Pills