What part of NO does Whoopi Goldberg not Understand?

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Hanna and the Hijab

An Iranian woman called Hanna cried out for freedom this week. According to the NYTimes she posted this on the website of an Iranian opposition candidate:“I AM ALIVE BUT MY SISTER WAS KILLED. SHE WANTED THE WIND TO BLOW INTO HER HAIR, SHE WANTED TO BE FREE; SHE WANTED TO HOLD HER HEAD HIGH UP AND SAY: I AM IRANIAN. MY SISTER DIED BECAUSE THERE IS NO LIFE LEFT; MY SISTER DIED BEASUE THERE IS NO END TO THE TYRANNY.” ...more

Bush's War and Obama's Muslim Roots Both Played Important Roles in Iran's Protest Movement

Obots (e.g., Bill Keller on MTP) are happy to credit the inchoate pro-democracy movement in Iran to a single speech that Obama gave even as they continue to deny an important ingredient in Mr. Obama’s sway with the Muslim world--his Muslim roots found in his middle name and elsewhere. In fact, the media becomes absolutely apoplectic if anyone other than Obama mentions his Muslim roots.This site does think that Obama-- a guy who has Muslim roots--is of no small appeal to Muslims. He is far less “other” that the stodgy white male presidents who came before him. ...more