perimenopause belly fat challenge

so as I mentioned, I went out and bought a new scale because my kids messed up the old one.  Turns out that depending on where the new scale sat on my floor I weighed more or less.  New scale returned.  After conducting considerable online research I realized that a reliable home scale is quite hard to come by, so I'm back on my old one, where I've lost about 5 pounds more or less. ...more

our ethical conundrum

as my regular readers know, fMhson came with an inborn ethical sense that would put most adults to shame.  He also LOVES being a Boy Scout.  You can see where this is headed right? conundrum .... ...more


 I tweeted the above hashtag to Laura Vanderkam when we were both amazed that Marissa Mayer's pregnancy proved such a fascinating topic for the media.  She blogged about what she did while pg.  Sadly I kind of am a sucky example as I was on 12 weeks of bed rest my first pg.  I think you should all run with it :) ...more

when kid drama threatens to become mama drama

  As I’ve mentioned before ProfBff’s DD is a bit of a polly perfect.  She loves being the center of attention and often is.  For most of her tender years, other kids have happily done her bidding.  The downside is that when she does something wrong she balks at admitting it.  She has become completely invested in being PP.  ...more

How I lost 4 pounds in 8 days

 I recently stepped on the scale to find that I had hit my end of the first trimester, post pregnancy weight.  I blame sabbatical and my parents' extended visit.  Still the shock of that number, which is 10 pounds over my happy weight, and 6-8 pounds over my natural set-point, was enough to kick me back into dieting/exercise mode.  I happened to see ...more

ugh unable to take

this cludgy blog format find me at


MOM sandwiched in the middle of my other identitiesMOM pulled between the poles of my identity MOM holding the two together  (the greatest feminist challenge I have faced so far and surprisingly makes me a better historian)...more

The lost art of gratitude

  A fab book by my man Alexander McCall Smith, but also a truthful statement.  feMOMhist is sitting in a meeting now where several “people” have been thanked, but not by name.  WTF?  feMOMhist toils in relative obscurity and definite penury, but gratitude is FREE.  So MAN UP and offer recognition by NAME people. Ever noticed how once you start pondering something, you find evidence of it every where (zeitgeist anyone?)...more

The First Thanksgiving or feMOMhist does Kindergarten

feMOMhist is NOT loving how Thanksgiving is taught to children.Following a now infamous Columbus day debacle in which my five year old son came home proclaiming Columbus to be "the smartest and the bravest" (note 30 seconds of looking at a globe convinced him otherwise "Mom, why did he name them Indians?), feMOMhist volunteered to come into the Kindergarten classroom to discuss Thanksgiving....more

Interesting post.

Both my sons' classes went to more