Iris Apfel: Lessons in Confidence

The documentary Iris - the last by the late and great Albert Maysles, who made my other favorite documentary of all time, Grey Gardens - was released in April.  I only finally - finally! - saw it. Thank you, On Demand. I knew before seeing it that what makes Iris so special is the unique way she sees the world. How fitting that she be called Iris, as her eyes view things so differently. I also knew she'd have to have an enormous amount of confidence. The glasses, the jewelry, the clothes, the self-designation as a "geriatric starlet."...more

To Do Today: Something Nice in Honor of My Cousin

On this day in 2005, my 21 year old cousin died and no one really knows why.A brief hospital stay for that kind of infection should not end that way.  It is still incomprehensible.Her name was Jamie and she was really pretty and really smart - the valedictorian of her class - and a lot of fun.I remember the day she was born.  I was in grammar school and my mother came into my room that morning and said "Aunt Dottie had the baby in the middle of the night!"And, of course, I remember this day, when she left us....more

Casting Books I Love: Ashes of Life by Erica Lucke Dean & Laura M. Kolar

Here’s an impossible situation for you.You fall in love, find out you’re pregnant, get married and three months later, your new husband tragically passes away in a car accident.He was with his ex-wife.  She dies too.They did have a daughter together. She’s sixteen.And she hates you.We haven’t gotten to the impossible part yet....more

Casting Books I Love: They Call Me Crazy by Kelly Stone Gamble

Hollywood loves nothing more than making movies about a subset of the culture they know nothing about. Luckily, when they write the script for They Call Me Crazy, they’ll have Kelly Stone Gamble’s rich and hilarious novel to paint the picture of life in Kansas where everyone knows your name, where everyone thinks they know what’s right for everyone else, where worms are the secret ingredient in apple-spice cake and husbands better be nice to their wives, or else....more
KellyStoneGamble Me too! Someone will say the actors' names and it will click. It just hasn't ...more

Casting Books I Love: Painting the Moon by Traci Borum

This is you.You’re Noelle, a California blonde raised by a UK-born mom.This is your Grandmother.You spent summers growing up at her estate in the English countryside.This is Grandma’s sister, Aunt Joy....more

Casting Books I Love: Binds That Tie by Kate Moretti

*Cue movie trailer guy's voice*In a world where vases are smashed over the heads of men and bodies are buried in the foundation of buildings, Maggie and Chris must learn to survive. Just kidding.   ...more

7 Reasons to Love The Royals on E!

 1. Princess Eleanor.What’s not to love about a princess who speaks her mind? And drinks and smokes and does drugs, too? I mean, she’s a gift to the people, really. ...more

10 Lives Jinxed by Robert Durst

What is The Jinx on HBO? Who is Robert Durst? Why is everyone talking about this?...more

Q&A with Princess Ann from Roman Holiday and my protagonist, Veronica Buccino

Princess Ann is well aware of her duties – greet dignitaries, dance gracefully, answer questions diplomatically, smile, move on to the next engagement.   Veronica Buccino is well aware of her duties – go to work, review legal documents, dodge her snarky boss, engage in awkward conversation with co-workers, wake up and do it all again.  ...more
Hmm. Im going Belle! Id love to be able to explore that castle, meet the unique people, see if ...more

John Edward: My Interview with Psychic Medium John Edward

This past week, I had the honor and privilege to interview psychic medium John Edward for an edition of "Spotlight On" on AfterBuzzTV.  If you have any interest inwhat happens after we cross over,...more