99 Ways to Be Kind Without Spending a Dime

You: Some of these are weird.Me: What’s wrong with weird?You: Some of these are common courtesy.Me: Yes, some of them are. Still, to be courteous is to be kind and reminders to be courteous, like this list for example, are always helpful, especially when you post them in the common area of your office or share on social media (Ahem, hint hint. See # 32)....more

Middle School: Was it Middle Hell for you?

'Tis the season! Back to school pics abound on social media. And the memories flood in. By memories, I mean nightmares. Not all nightmares, but a few Middle School related ones. Oh Middle School.  Those were not the days. ~~~ How many guys have you gone with?The little spaceship in my head that travels back in time is being propelled even further back than high school.  I'm remembering MIDDLE SCHOOL!Dear G0d, make it stop.The only remedy, of course, is to write about it....more

Worst Moving Story Ever?

H and I have relocated to Los Angeles from Chicago and it went the opposite of smoothly.When good cats attackWe decided to fly instead of drive.  We thought it would be one day of stress and hassle versus three days.We thought wrong.It turned out to be three days of stress and hassle with a two night hospital stay, thanks to Magoo....more

6 Assumptions NOT to Make About the Child-Free

I would never presume to speak for all of the child-free men and women out there, so I will say, right here, this applies to H and me....more
Thank you!!!more

99 Ways to Be Kind Without Spending a Dime

99 Ways to Be Kind Without Spending A Dimehttp://www.chicagonow.com/stop-and-blog-the-roses/2014/07/99-ways-to-be-kind-without-spending-a-dime/...more

Tests I've Failed

Is this a test? Only a test?http://www.chicagonow.com/stop-and-blog-the-roses/2013/10/tests-ive-failed/...more

All I really need to know about marriage I learned from the Kardashians

All I really need to know about marriage I learned from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Blog post here ~ http://www.chicagonow.com/stop-and-blog-the-roses/2013/10/kardashian-jenner-lessons-on-love/...more

10 Lessons from Stars of the Golden Age

10 Lessons from Stars of the Golden Age ~ Check it out here.Would you have kicked Elizabeth Taylor out of your birthday party? Would you have let Frank Sinatra kick that guy out? I don't know but Ava Gardner's vision is also mine :)...more

5 Reasons to GO to your HIGH SCHOOL REUNION

Why should you go to your high school reunion when you've got Facebook to keep in touch? You can't do THESE FIVE THINGS on Facebook ~ Read blog post here....more

Princess Diana and the Royal Boy: Is she watching?

People are saying "Poor Diana, she's not here to see the birth of her grandchild."Yes, that is true.But, as Harry said about his brother's wedding, "she had the best seat in the house."It's not the same - at all - and it's very sad but she is not completely absent.  I believe she - they - are all here.That's all.Carry on. Cheerio. Crumpets for everyone!~~~...more