The Truth About NonCustodial Parents: An Interview with Rebekah Spicuglia

On her blog, NonCustodial Parent Community, Rebekah Spicuglia captions the above picture of her and her son: "This is what 'visitation' looks like." Think you know what "noncustodial" really means? Think again, and check out our interview with a woman whom MSN calls a "Mom Inspired to Change History"... ...more

When Co-Parents Collide: Interview with Parenting Coordinator, Brooke Randolph

Brooke Randolph is a licensed mental health counselor/therapist who also serves as a parenting coordinator. Increasingly, family courts are turning to parenting coordinators to assist co-parents experiencing high levels of conflict. ...more

Parenting coordinators (PC) are new SCAM schema on Americans!!! They will try to convince ...more

"How do I tell my kids I'm going for sole custody?"

A co-parenting dad writes: "After two-and-a-half years of attempting to co-parent with a uncooperative ex who refuses to communicate with me, who doesn't attend to our children's emotional and physical well-being nor to their educational needs, and who persists in dragging our kids into the middle of our conflict--I have filed to modify our custody arrangement from joint custody (50-50) to sole physical custody. What is the best way to talk to my kids, age 10 and 12, about this?" ...more

Don't Blame Hallmark: How are Co-Parents Celebrating Father's Day?

photo courtesy of N2CBr3akdown's photobucket I admit to having talked mess about Mother's Day and Father's Day as "Hallmark inventions", over the years. Well, shut my mouth, here's the real deal on Father's Day, from Wikipedia: ...more

Co-Parenting LOLZ

Why is this man laughing, indeed. At, we tackle the serious issues related to child custody and parenting. But like everyone else in the parenting trenches, sometimes we need a good laugh...or we have to laugh to keep from crying. For just such occasions, we bring you...Co-Parenting LOLCats! ...more

Co-Parenting, Church, and Spiritual Practice

Not long after Mike and I (Deesha) split up, I begin looking for a different church "home" at our older daughter's request. (Her request was unrelated to the divorce, fyi). It's been a few years now, and I am still "between churches". I'm still looking, but Mike has found a church that he and the girls attend, even on my weekends. I'm fine with that, but I still would like to find a church for myself. ...more

Co-Parenting and Dating: "Boyfriends and 'BabyMamas'"

ISO readers, guest-bloggers, and podcast guests for a series on co-parenting and dating. Read on... ...more

"This Is How I Was Raised": Olivia's Co-Parenting Story

Olivia and baby Khailil One thing we've learned in the course of developing is that our family's co-parenting story can and has inspired and encouraged others. As divorced parents who cooperate for the sake of our kids, we are often viewed as an anomaly, but we know that we aren't alone. We seek out other co-parenting success stories so that they might be an encouragement to parents as well. We also seek to reveal the diversity of the co-parenting experience. If there are cookie-cutter co-parents out there, we haven't met them. Every family we meet makes cooperative parenting work in their own unique way. I (Deesha) met Olivia about four years ago, through a mutual friend. I knew this bright, witty woman was a mom, but only just this past month did I learn that she is also a co-parent. I sat down with Olivia recently to talk about her co-parenting experiences, straight no chaser: ...more

Forbes: "Five Things Every Married Woman Needs to Hear About Divorce"

photo courtesy of offers up tips for helping make divorce "more manageable in the long run." ...more