Steps to Access Infertility Insurance Benefits

Many people think if they are denied insurance coverage for fertility treatment, or simply lack benefits, their only options are bad and worse.  The reality is, infertility patients are more powerful than they realize.   There are numerous options people can pursue and resources they can access.  The three most important things you need to know to gain insurance benefits are:...more
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Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, PCOS, Empowerment and YOU

What would you do to build your family?During Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition airing June 10, 2012, Chris Powell, Trainer for the Morbidly Obese, worked with Jacqui, a client whose motivation to transform her life began when she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)* and learned her current health depleted her fertility by 94%....more

Channeling the Champion Within, Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) Style

I can connect Infertility with any subject.  Today, I’m drawn to Dancing With the Stars.  If you’ve watched Season 14 you saw actress Sherri Shepherd open up about her experience with Infertility.  She shared a beautiful, loving, and touching story.  We are so thankful she used her voice to help create awareness.  However, that’s not what I have in mind.  ...more

How Does National Health Coverage for Infertility Sound?

We have been given chance to make Infertility treatment available at a national level.  All we need to do is send an email to The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) requesting they include the treatment of Infertility within their proposed Essential Health Benefits.  We are realistic, due to a lack of public knowledge; this is an “uphill battle”. This is why everyone needs to participate and fight for equality today....more

Extreme Home Makeover and the Hero Within Reach

For the past nine years many of us have cried each time we watched Extreme Home Makeover. What moved us the most; the strength of the families receiving help, the communities coming together to give back, those who provided financial support, the beautiful creations of the contractors, and/or the staff and extraordinary team that made this show magical?...more

Harry Potter and Infertility

Harry Potter and Infertilitywritten by Davina FankhauserFertility Within ReachThe final installment of the Harry Potter series releases in theaters today.  I cannot wait to see the film, and although I know how the story ends, I am prepared to sob hysterically.  However, it may not be for the reason you are thinking.  My husband and I experienced infertility since 1994.  We spent many of our evenings, sans children, listening to the audio of the Harry Potter books.  We envisioned these children grow and develop.  We cried at their losses ...more