Camp Cailey

To put things in perspective, this is how Cailey looked when I began this blog. She was five....more

Where there’s a will…

Jensen is still on lizard restriction....more

A Quick Note from the Cheap Linoleum

I’ve received some really really sweet notes from you all regarding my whereabouts and checking to make sure I’m okay....more

Dolphin Tale 2

I thought I’d like to dust off my keyboard and let you all know I haven’t fallen into a Florida sinkhole....more

The Wisdom Teeth Should Fetch a Pretty Penny

I’ve never understood how the teeth in the back of your head, which are more than likely impacted, and if not impacted, don’t appear until your early teens when wisdom is often fleeting, are called Wisdom Teeth. Nevertheless, we learned earlier in the year that Emme, who is teetering on the brink of 15, needed […] ...more

The Christmas List

Nevermind that it’s still August....more

Math is a 4-letter word

It’s crunch time....more

The Skates

I grew up on 8 wheels, throwing myself around a roller skating rink on a weekly basis....more

Curriculum Round-up Summer 2014

I’m in denial that our school year starts in just 3 short weeks....more

The Evaluation

At some point during the month of June, I schedule an evaluator to peruse my homeschooling journal and the kid’s portfolios....more