Day Three

It's day three on Doxys.  I had a mild-ish UTI for about a week before starting treatment.  Didn't see a doctor because I (correctly, IMO) thought it would be a decent baseline to see if the Doxys were effective at all.UTI is clearing up.During my daily workout I noticed that my thigh muscles weren't working as well as they should and the joints in my toes are starting to burn.  I view this as success.  Things are starting to die and they are NOT happy about it....more

My Monster, My Demon

Day oneI've been struggling with an illness that has been taking over my mind, body, everything for over a decade.  The doctors labeled it Multiple Sclerosis about five years ago, but what does that mean?  It's such a generic...generality.  There is no definitive test that comes up positive for MS, it's just a doctor's guess at a label and possible treatment for a HUGE amount of symptoms....more