My Uncle Soonie

My Uncle Soonie passed away yesterday. He was a great man who lived life to the fullest. I was only able to see one of his plays in one of the theaters at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center (and obviously Dances with Wolves - who didn't see that one?), and know he and my grandma (the one on the right) are celebrating! ...more

My Uncle Soonie

I knew him well when I was younger, before he moved to California. He was my grandma's brother - truly an amazing man, and he will be dearly missed...The following is a recap of his life (it's really long, but it's a great story). Bob Hicks, who for many years was the leading voice for Native Americans in Hollywood, has died ....more

Hats and Such

Hi.Still here.I guess, as evidence shows, I've been a little busy. Remember that post a few months ago about me starting a new job? Let me be the first to tell you that I absolutely love it! ...more

Little Talks

In our household, we have some funny conversations. We also have serious conversations, and recently, the girls have become more interested in politics and current events {swoon}. My political perspective falls about half-way in between moderate liberal and super liberal, but I do try really hard to let the girls decide the whats and whys about the issues we discuss.Also, you should know that 99.9% of the time when Cee asks me a question that involves conversation instead of a yes/no answer, Jay will ask me a nearly identical question anywhere from 14 seconds to a few hours after Cee and I finish talking about this, that, or the other ....more

Lost in Translation, and Found by a Stranger

Jay: Mom, check out this awesome thing from TED.Shows me a picture on her phone...the following conversation ensues.Me: Jay! How in the world do you know about Ted?Jay: You let me watch it. All ....more

Puzzle Pieces

Sometimes the right article, blog post, quote, image, or event happens in perfect timing with the things going on in my life. Sometimes these are "Ah-ha" moments, and other times they are quiet reminders that I made the right decision.Tonight was one of those times, and for probably the millionth time in the last twenty years, I have M.A.M.L.S. to thank for giving me some reassuring insight.I hope you enjoy this piece called Puzzle Pieces by Sara Courter.Peace.. ....more

Band: Day 5

Lesson learned. Jay is sleeping.Mae is intrigued.Browning is drooling (at least he is actually looking out a window as opposed to staring at a wall underneath a table this time).Day by day, band is getting better.I feel like this is a highly motivational strategy. It's going to get cold soon ....more

Band: Day 4

Cee - Mommy, we got to play our clarinets in band today!!Me - Awesome! What did you play?Cee - The vandoran with the ligature and the reed.Me - Yeah, but did you learn a note or a song or something?...more

Band: Day 3


Band: Day 2

Cee -...more