Today soccer took us to Victoria.Victoria.It sounds like a really nice place to visit, right?This pretty much sums up our 2 hours in Victoria today. It's good to be home.I think I'm ready to tackle the week ahead! ...more


Today was one of those amazing days where it felt like it was early November this morning...where you're glad Halloween is over and you can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the decorations, except everything outside was beautiful and green and clean. And also it's April already.And I love spring.Love it!Soccer was cancelled due to rain, so we all caught a great cloudy-afternoon-nap; thing two is at a sleepover with one of her faves, and thing one is on the tail end of baking some seriously amazing cupcakes.What a perfectly fantastic Saturday! ...more


One of my favorite shirts I've seen in awhile - worn by one of my favorite students this year. :) Happy Friday! ...more


"Let's play cards," she said."How about Crazy 8?" I asked. For the first six minutes, she was appeased. Then she said (in the sweetest voice), "This is so sweet and old fashioned..."So we turned it up a notch.Seems like Vegas is going to be a little more her speed ....more

105/365 - Uh Oh

I have been so...more


In so many ways, Jay is just like me, and in so many ways, Cee is just like her dad. We laugh about this all the time...Jay and I are introverted, solitary people, while Cee and her dad are extroverted and hate being alone. Jay and I get our fuel from the quiet, and Cee and her dad are fueled by noise and crowds ....more


Today's photo creds go to the girls.Jay took (and edited) this one while we were waiting for Cee's soccer practice to end. Seriously? Seriously ....more


perfect spring weather this afternoon...more


Today has been mostly gloomy. It's a gray kind of day, and for some reason, the day perfectly fits my mood.Super proud of these soccer girls - they work hard, they play hard, and they always make me proud. I'm glad the rain behaved until after their game ....more


I've been wrestling with a weird feeling lately...I'm starting to feel a little restless.I'm totally familiar with this feeling - I've had it several times in my life. This is the first time I've had it since I've been a mom, and that makes it much more difficult to navigate this time around.What to do, what to do?These views and my little ladies dramatically tighten my radius. :) I guess I'm going to have to get creative this time around.. ....more