Post-Election "Blues"

It seems I'm not alone in my post-election blues. Thoughts and feelings running through my mind include:- WTF.- How did this happen?- I love blue states - where did they go?- Homes in Vancouver are really expensive.- So are homes in Helsinki.- WTF.- What's going to happen?- He is a "brand," not a leader.- God, I hope he doesn't turn this into a dynasty.- It's not fair that the rest of the world now views me, as an American, guilty by association for the results of our election.- What about my girls?- Aren't we perpetuating a rape mentality?- Misogynist.- WTF?I found peace and comfort along with sheer frustration when I read through FaceBook comments; I saw genuine hurt and sadness from people I adore; I saw seething celebrations from others.I know sometimes we have to agree to disagree, but we have so much more at stake with this new "leader" of ours.And then I found this, and it kind of resonated with me. If you've had the same hopeless feeling I have since around 8pm on Tuesday, hope this might help you as well ....more

Avoid the Summer Reading Blues

New post up at Literacy you find yourself in a power struggle with your kiddos over summer reading? I have an idea! Is "Real Reading the new "Summer Reading?" Would love to know your thoughts...Hope you're having a fabulous week! ...more


Hugger of trees. Thank you, Stark Bros., for getting my tree to me so quickly! I didn't realize how well my fig would be was as tall as Cee was in 2014 and as tall as Jay ...more

Hug Your Trees

"Thank you for calling XYZ, how can I help you today?""Hi, my name is Christy, and I'm calling because two trees have disappeared from my home. As in someone, like, chopped them down."It's a phone call I never thought I'd have to make. Nobody thinks it could ever happen to them, but it happened to me ....more

Being a Mom

I can't even tell you how much I love being a mom, although I'm sure you have a relatively general idea. My girls are just amazing, and I am so blessed that I was chosen to be their keeper.Even when things are crazy at work and I feel like my voice means little to nothing, when I find that I'm disappointed by expecting too much of myself or others, or when I'm the messenger that gets proverbially "shot," time and again I find I can center myself by reminding myself of my most important job: helping my daughters navigate their way through life. Nothing beats that.Not a thing.My friend Kim shared a great post yesterday that really resonated with me ....more

Paired Passages

It's smack dab in the middle of testing season, and you should see my office. It. Is. A ....more

Jimmy is a Pick-Me-Up

I was feeling a little blue this morning (aka exhausted and under the weather), so I decided to self medicate with a little bit of Fallon. Love that guy! Here are a handful of my favorites from his show - hope you get a laugh or two out of them! ...more

A New Home

I have a new home, a new landing spot.Not just for the critters.Not just for the girls.I have a new landing spot for what really makes my heart go pitter-pat.I tried this on January 31, but it didn't have my heart-strings wrapped all the way around it. So I took two months to think it through and do some heavy-duty research and soul-searching, and now I am honestly, truly proud to introduce to you my new home! Notice there is a link to Figment Soup on it, and I will try to keep my messy ramblings, kid pics, critter rumblings, and every-day vents posted here ....more

Dear People...

Dear People with, like, one or two pets (you know who you are!) -...more

Enough, Please.

It's been a rough month, y'all. I consider my close friends a pretty tight circle...whether we're talking about my best friends from college, friends of the girls, or my friends from work, my circle isn't big, and it is definitely close-knit.I don't even have a gentle segue for this, but life can be harsh. Life can thrown curve balls, and life can let you get a sneak peak at the catcher's signal ....more