It's nearly the end of the year. In many parts of Texas, students finished their last day today! As for me and my darlings, we will be in school until June 4 ....more

139-141/365 - Lessons Learned

Not my best week.Not my best week on several levels, so let's take today to play catch-up.Tuesday - Lesson learned for me: Make sure the girls close the pantry/trash door before leaving so sweet puppy doesn't a) devour all the goodies from the trash, and b) eat a disposed of and uncooked chicken breast (and part of the carton)...on your bed. I got home late, and this meant that I slept on the couch. No fun ....more


Soccer tryouts - look who decided she wants to join the fun! ...more


What a floody, rainy, muggy weekend! We enjoyed every bit of it. I love how my girls can go from a little bit irreverent (bad angle on the light saber)... ...to style-show-photo-shoot ....more


Not sure if this counts for "picture of the day," but I read this article earlier today and I'm still amazed by it. That's the thing about strong writing - it tells a story, paints a picture, and sticks with you for quite awhile. If you can find the time, this is well worth the read ....more


The last week (or four) has been really stressful, and I look forward to my weekends more than usual. Yesterday a big chunk of my stress was lifted when:...more


Love watching these cuties play together! ...more


My first lily bloom of the year...beautiful! ...more


What.A.Day.We are officially 3 testers and 2 days away from being completely done...more


This little guy (aka the-most-photographed-pup-in-the-history-of-probably-ever) wasn't with me today.I missed him.A lot.Looking forward to his return.. ....more