Copy?This is C-Note. This is J-Rock. Who knew walkie talkies could be so fun?Roger that, over and out.~Shirley ...more


Yesterday my most favorite teacher ever, Mrs. Cameron, passed away. Reading her Facebook wall lets me know she wasn't just my favorite - she touched so many lives and made so many people believe in themselves...myself included.She will be dearly missed ....more


This week we are kicking it old school.Okay, 60's Old School, but still...We made our maiden voyage to the LBJ Presidential Library today. LOVED IT!! I'm a JFK junkie and LBJ falls right in line with my obsession ....more


Family game name...and a side of grapes ....more


Ahhh, summer.Finally!!Let's do this... Up next is The Goldfinch, and the rest start their release dates in mid-July...woo hoo!! ...more

177/365 - Puppy's Feet

I'm pretty sure it cannot be said that Mae is confused on how to relax. Can't believe we're approaching our first anniversary with her!! ...more


Baby Steps.That's been my motto today -Baby Steps:...more


A nice, relaxing moment of singing and giggling can turn to this in 20 seconds flat. I'm pretty sure I'm not strong enough for an entire summer this ....more


These two...so much love ....more


Makeover Monday!Makeup by Jay... Hair by Cee... Finished face.. ....more