Life & Lavender

Throughout my life in this house (13 years) I have tried to grow lavender in several places. First, I grew it in the front yard, but then when I cut it, the front looked bare and lonely. Two years ago, we gave up a section of our garden that was for vine plants and turned it into a flower garden ....more

Attending the Haven Conference

I just returned from a jam-packed trip to Atlanta to attend the Haven Conference....more

The Easiest Way to Clean Glass

Cleaning tips or how to clean glass is not something I really thought I would be writing about. You see, the real cleaning pro in my family is my Mom....more

6 DIY Furniture Projects & Patting Yourself on The Back

I will talk about DIY furniture projects in a moment, but why don’t we first talk about patting yourself on the back. Do you ever struggle between really wanting to take on a new project and trying to pace yourself?...more

DIY Desks from Vintage Doors

Some men bring home jewelry for their wives. My husband, brings home old doors – and I am so glad. Many years ago, Dana was driving past Drewsville General Store in NH, just an ordinary day....more

Crafting with Kids – Silk Screen Craft Aprons

We are about half way through the summer....more

REVISITED: Decorating With Quilts

When it gets right down to it, I am a traditional girl when it comes to my decor. But, nothing makes me happier when a traditional and time proven style or item is updated or used in a new way....more

Easy White Sangria Recipe- Stone Soup Style

Do you know the folk story of “Stone Soup”. I think the version I remember best was told with animals....more

DIY Backyard Kitchen Herb Garden

Every year I have grand gardening plans....more

So…Now What?

A few weeks ago I shared with you about our major change in our journey....more