Gran's Famous Tuna Salad

Hubby is on a work trip this week so it's my opportunity to eat all the things he doesn't share enthusiasm for! Most of the time, he tolerates my experiments in the kitchen but as soon as I say the words mushrooms or tuna...forget about it! I secretly hide mushrooms in recipes though he doesn't recognize them because I make a beautiful duxelle....more

Limequat Marmalade

The back porch calls my name on these hot Summer days and the last thing I want to do is cook. But with all the delights of farmer's markets and goodies from my neighbors, I feel guilty not indulging a little. A dear friend gave me these limequats from her tree in Phoenix. Aren't they gorgeous?!...more
Hi there, love that you've made this Limequat marmalade.  I have a Limequat tree in a pot ...more