In Absentia

I have missed this place and every time I think about popping in, a stack of poorly written papers keep me at bay. ...more

Pure Exhaustion

I just finished my first week (okay 2 days) of teaching ....more


I have been working hard to ensure that I am more engaged with my family. ...more

A New Season

Today is almost 1 week of unemployment. ...more

My Trayvon

I look into these dark brown eyes and wonder “when does this sweet face turn into a dangerous face?”...more

Privilege, Education, Stereotypes, and Systemic Racism

I don’t know where these people live who claim we live in a “post-racial” society....more

Meeting her for the first time

Ethiopia June 2008 137 Originally uploaded by The_Dalai Mama 5 years (plus 6 days) ago I met this girl for the first time and my heart exploded. She completed out family perfectly ....more

Chickens 1, Me 0

So, on Saturday we had to say good-by to our two roosters (Jellybean and Speedy).  These two roosters were the chicks that were hatched in Noah’s class.  So, to say the least, he was sad that both of his turned out to be roosters.  But hey–we can drive 90 minutes out of town to go [...] ...more

It's Not About The Kid Card: It's About Flexibility at Work for All

I was listening to NPR's Tell Me More the other morning and there was a segment discussing "The Kid Card." What prompted this conversation was this letter and this ...more
Great piece. I have been lucky over the years to have had employers who were willing to be ...more

Future Blackmail

This was taken in the bathtub of the insane hotel suite we had this past weekend. It was right out of a 70′s movie set in Vegas. There are steps that lead up to the tub. It is obvious we weren’t in Vegas (but at a casino in Indiana) as these “swanky” over the top [...] ...more