Are you part of the 80% or 20%...lets take a look!

When it comes to bras and getting measured, for some reason ladies…we’re getting it all wrong! Why do we do this to ourselves? We would never wear a pair of shoes that were too small, or had our foot slipping out of it, so why do it to our bras? So it’s time for some tough love. If your bra does any of the below…your wearing the wrong sized bra!**Do keep in mind that different brands use different sizes, so although you may think you know your bra size, it may vary between brands.**...more
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How to the avoid the uniboob!

In case anyone reading this is unaware of what a “uniboob” is, I thought I would educate you with this great definition according to the prestigious urban dictionary: “When it looks like you have one massive breast. This usually happens when a girl wears a sports bra or one of those tank tops with the shelf bra”...more

How Do You Even Know Where to Begin When Buying a Sports Bra for DD+?

If you're the type of woman that thinks wearing two bras when exercising will “make do”, then think again! This short blog post will help you understand why I think it is  important to get the right support (and feel great) while exercising!Q. If I’m not doing an aerobic exercise, do I still need to wear a sports bra?...more
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How to Deal With a Large Chest

         As a full busted woman, I understand that dealing with a large bust can be a real pain for many women. Some feel embarrassed by their large breasts and want to hide them. Many women experience a great deal of discomfort and even resort to invasive surgery to have their breast size reduced. However, with the right bra and a bit of patience, large busted women can turn their frustration into relief and emphasize the positive! Here is a list of a few simple tips and tricks for dealing with a large chest. ...more

Old Bras New Tricks

There is always a point in life where you have to organise your underwear drawers. This means, having to make the important decision of whether to keep, or throw out old bras. Now I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for feeling sorry for my old bras. We had such good times together, it was trustworthy, comfortable and so what if it looks a bit old and lost it’s original color, it still works? If you also have this attachment to your old bras, then i have a few tips to keep them with you for longer!!...more

Get your bra to live longer!

Have a bra you love? Wish you could have it around forever…well I can’t promise forever but I do have a few handy hints and tips to help prolong the life of your favorite bra!...more

Holding out for a hero?

So in the last month I have had some interesting experiences with a few males, I have come to a few conclusions about the male specie....more