Savoury buckwheat muffins (gf)

Have you ever seen a dog spin like a top? No, nor had I....more

Chicken risotto

The health benefits of black pepper


Spicy carrot cake

Cream of porcini soup

Immediately following The Ditch Fiasco, Hugo was very solicitous and insisted on staying by my side at all times....more
Delicious! I love creamy soup in the Fall/Winter. Thanks for sharing this recipe! -Aarika Chilsonmore

The wonders of garlic

Garlic is one of the most broad-reaching therapeutic plants in existence. Louis Pasteur observed garlic’s antibacterial activity in 1858 and it has been used as a food and medicine for thousands of years. Greek military lead...more

Spaghetti alla vodka

Ditzes in ditches

Barbecue sauce

My nerves have taken a hit this week. Léo, in a bid to make up for lost time after finally having his plaster cast removed, thought that running with bulls, swinging from trees on ropes&nb...more

Hazelnut and peach muffins

Since the beginning of the summer holidays, Léo has been sporting a hefty plaster cast on his broken left arm (his third to date)....more